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Armillo has been delayed until May

Fuzzy Wuzzy Games says that delaying Armillo will make the game a more enjoyable experience for everyone.

Sega will divide Index Corporation into separate companies: Index...

Sega has announced that Index Corporation will strengthen its games and CSR sectors by dividing into two companies.

Square announces a Theatrhythm limited edition 3DS XL

Japan receives another version of our favourite console this April.

Nintendo is developing a mobile app for smartphones

Nintendo apps are heading your way. The word ‘game’ was mentioned.

Super Mario 3D World Dual Review

The purr-fect balance of old and new, in a dual review for Wii U Daily readers!

Nintendo Streetpass weekend this Saturday and Sunday

Don’t leave your 3DS at home. This weekend, StreePass is going national!

New screens have emerged for Kirby: Triple Deluxe

Brand new screenshots and magazine scans draw a Kirby more colourful than ever before.

A universal age ratings system will launch worldwide next year

PEGI has detailed a new rating system scheduled to come into effect next year.

Check out this huge Wii U and 3DS display at Toys R Us

Mario and Zelda light up the darkness in this awesome display at Toys R Us. Photos inside.

Get a black 3DS XL for $149.99 on Black Friday

Target is offering 25% off all 3DS XLs this November 29th.

Sega 3D Classics release dates have been confirmed

Eight Sega classics are coming to the 3DS eShop beginning in November! Dates and prices confirmed.

Gears of War-style shooter for 3DS could run at 60FPS in 3D

60 frames per second in 3D? Meet Ironfall, a first-person shooter eShop title in development by VD-Dev.

Official high capacity battery for the GamePad available in Europ...

If you live in the UK or Germany, you can order a high capacity battery for your GamePad straight from Nintendo.

Ubisoft shares their inspiration behind ACIV’s backdrop

Game director Ashraf Ismail discusses the AC team’s source of inspiration for the Caribbean.

Nintendo Network maintenance has been extended for September 30th

Maintenance for September 30th will last nine hours instead of the standard four.

Wii U makes an entrance onto NPD’s top ten games

Pikmin 3 jumps in at number ten on NPD’s August highlights. Things are looking up.

The Wonderful 101’s art style wasn’t always so bright

Director Hikedi Kamiya says that the art style for The Wonderful 101 was initially “a bit darker.”