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Wii U dev kit spotted

According to rumors, this is the Wii U dev kit, code-named CAT-DEV (Cafe Tool for Development), referring to

Ubisoft’s “Watch Dogs” could come to the Wii U

Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs was one of the biggest new titles revealed at E3 2012. It was the one

Unreal Engine 4 footage

As expected, Epic Games have released footage from the upcoming Unreal Engine 4, which has been rumored to

Mat Catz reveals Wii U accessories

It was only a matter of time before third party accessory makers started unveiling their Wii U toys,

Nintendo says Retro Studios is “hard at work”

Retro Studios is a known name among Nintendo fans: it’s the Nintendo-owned development house that made the fantastic

Nintendo Wii U hardware specs revealed

Nintendo has revealed the Wii U hardware specs here at E3, but only the “outside” stuff such as

Pikmin 3 gameplay video

Pikmin 3 was revealed just hours ago, and the first gameplay video from Nintendo’s E3 press conference has

Wii U price and launch date coming tomorrow?

Nintendo has said that they won’t reveal the Wii U price nor launch date at E3, but new

G4 presenter thinks the Wii U has an “uphill battle”

Morgan Webb, the pretty presenter at G4 TV’s “X-Play” show, believes that gamers are still confused about the

New set of Wii U games revealed (or rumored)

Over the past few days, several new Wii U games have been either announced or rumored to be

Wii U operating system rumors suggest massive OS

The Wii U operating system is set to be the biggest ever seen on a home gaming console,

Developers banned from talking about Wii U specific features unti...

There’s a big reason why we haven’t seen many Wii U videos, screenshots, and other media from some

Wii U Gamer Card rumored

Nintendo has been toying with the idea of adding a “Gamer Card” to the list of Wii U

Aliens: Colonial Marines Wii U version will be the best looking o...

We’ve heard plenty of good things about the Wii U from developer Gearbox, and the praise continues. In

Wii U controller and Wiimote connection suggested in new patent

Nintendo has been filing patents like crazy: the latest one involves the Wii U controller and the old

Fable creator calls Wii U “lackluster”

According to Fable creator Peter Molyneux, the Wii U is “slightly lackluster”. Molyneux, in an email exchange with

Nintendo Wii U comic trolls Microsoft and Sony

The other console makers always seem to be following in the footsteps of Nintendo, at least during the