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New LEGO City Undercover gamepad and map details emerge

New gameplay details for Lego City Undercover revealed via scans of advertising and marketing material.

What Sony and Microsoft’s new consoles will mean for Wii U

A renewed focus on games, second-screen enhancements and streaming will feature heavily in upcoming consoles. Did Wii U get the jump, or will it...

Action-RPG Cryamore headed to Wii U

Gorgeous 16-bit-inspired game has just completed its Kickstarter drive with enough excess to fulfill the stretch goal of a Wii U release.

European Nintendo Direct 3DS round up

Some interesting localisation decisions and a much awaited release-date show up in the European version of Nintendo Direct.

Five hints for Wii U Zelda from Hyrule Historia [Spoilers]

A look at some details you may have missed from the official Legend of Zelda chronology, and what they might indicate for a Wii...

Nintendo on Wii U hardware, games, and more

During the latest investor Q&A session, Nintendo speaks out on Wii U hardware, games, and much more.

Wii U Virtual Console: how it works

A close look at the first Virtual Console game released for Wii U, as well as the features and options that support it.

Wii U Mario, Mario Kart and Smash Bros will be at E3

Wii U versions of three of Nintendo’s biggest franchises will be present at this year’s E3. Two of them will even be playable.

New Yoshi game announced for Wii U

The team behind Kirby’s Epic Yarn are well into development on a new game in a similar style, this one starring Yoshi.

Fire Emblem, Shin Megami Tensei crossover coming to Wii U

Nintendo announces a collaboration with Atlus to produce Fire Emblem, Shin-Megami Tensei game for Wii U.

Rumor: Headstrong Games has Wii U project in the works

Strong indication that the developer of Batallion Wars 2 and Art Academy has something cooking for Wii U.

Armillo headed to Wii U eShop

Indie developer Fuzzy Wuzzy bringing puzzle-platforming space armadillo to the Wii U this year.

What Wii U could bring to Pokémon [PART 2]

A look at how the unique controller and broader internet connectivity would make for an awesome ‘Pokémon Wii U’ RPG.

Interworks ‘Controller Pro U’ review

The Wii U controller that claims to be a remote, classic controller and pro controller must infringe on several Nintendo patents. But is it...

Puddle Wii U Review

Our full review of messy physics-based puzzle-platformer Puddle on Wii U.

Chasing Aurora Wii U review

Our full review of Chasing Aurora, the divisive bird-battling Wii U indie game.

Top 15 Wii games to play on Wii U

Got a Wii U and want to make full use of that backwards compatibility? Here’s some of the best Wii games to play on...