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Wii U Nintendo 3DS – Hidden

Apr 29th - New information on the characters and world along with a ton of new screenshots have been revealed!
Apr 10th - Nintendo's Tomodachi Life game will be coming to the West on June 6.
Apr 10th - Once again the Tales series is going be gracing the 3DS, this time it's going to be a crossover of several different Tales games.
retro city rampage
Apr 10th - Despite an over a year long head start, and only initially being released in North America, the 3DS version has already outsold the XBLA version.
Apr 8th - Masahiro Sakurai has announced a brand new mode for the Nintendo 3DS version of the game.
Mar 26th - US publisher XSEED finally sheds some light on why the European version of Rune Factory 4 will not see the light of day.
Mar 14th - Yoshi's New Island is now available in the Nintendo 3DS eShop. Here's a collection of opinions about the game.
Mar 10th - The Denpa Men 3 shows off new environments and dungeons for the latest game in the series.
Mar 7th - This quick guide shows you how to format a high-capacity SD card for the Nintendo 3DS.
Mar 3rd - Yoshi's New Island 3DS XL is coming to North America as well as Europe on March 14.
Feb 25th - All you have to do is register a new 3DS, 3DSXL or 2DS system along with a qualifying game!
3ds xl
Feb 25th - As of last week the ITC confirmed confirmed the 3DS and DSi are not infringing on the patents of Tech Properties Limited et al.
Feb 21st - Bravely Default is a JRPG at its surface, but just beneath that lies the potential for so much more.
Feb 18th - A brand new Monster Hunter 4 3DS XL bundle is heading to Japan.
Feb 17th - Check out these discounts on games from polish developer Teyon, starting February 20.
Feb 17th - A new trailer for Yoshi's New Island was showcased in the most recent Nintendo Direct.
Feb 13th - Nintendo announces a new game with a unique price model.