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sub wars
Feb 13th - One of Nintendo's first approaches to free-to-play games has been given a trailer and a list of differences between free and premium.
Feb 13th - Nintendo has released a new trailer for Kirby Triple Deluxe!
pokemon battle trozei
Feb 13th - The Pokemon Trozei series has been revived, and it features every Pokemon to date with a new battle system.
Feb 13th - Level-5's comedic game Weapon Shop de Omasse will be released on February 20th.
Feb 13th - A new trailer for Mario Golf: World Tour surfaced today during the Nintendo Direct.
Feb 13th - The next entry in Capcom's epic beast wrangling series is slated for a North American release in early 2015.
Feb 12th - Check out the new activity log Nintendo is showing off for the Nintendo 3DS.
Feb 12th - New details about Forbidden Magna have surfaced, including screenshots and details about how the combat works in the game.
Feb 11th - Nintendo has launched a new teaser site for Yoshi's New Island, which is coming to Nintendo 3DS next month.
Feb 11th - It will be a simulation RPG called Forbidden Magna.
Feb 10th - Japan receives another version of our favourite console this April.
Feb 5th - The Pokemon Bank service is now available in Europe and North America.
Feb 3rd - 2DS has sold about 2.1 million systems since it was announced last August.
Be_c7n1IUAAHxP7.png large
Feb 3rd - In a tweet today Nintendo UK has revealed the box art for Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright.
Jan 30th - Nintendo is offering The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Anniversary Edition free on the 3DS eShop for a limited time.
Jan 28th - Monster Hunter 4 is finally coming to western shores!
Jan 22nd - The developers behind the Gateway Nintendo 3DS cart have added a killswitch that bricks Nintendo 3DS consoles if the code is tampered with.