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Wii U Featured

Jun 5th - The first ever GameFans podcast is now live, with discussions about our E3 expectations and digital vs. physical game sales. Stay tuned for more!
jill shooting
May 17th - Check out John Zaccari's thoughts on the Resident Evil: Revelations demo.
luigi's mansion
May 16th - Nintendo has filed a form of copyright claim against YouTube Let's Players who feature Nintendo games.
Apr 29th - How doe the Nyko Pro Commander controller for Wii U stack up against some of the most popular controllers on the market?
Wii U e3 Hype
Apr 27th - E3 2013 is gearing up to be the biggest in years, and probably the biggest ever for Nintendo and the Wii U.
Apr 26th - A look at NetherRealm Studios' new era of fighting and what it means for the future of the genre.
Apr 25th - Check out our livestream of Injustice: Gods Among Us for Wii U!
Apr 25th - Nintendo's latest moves show the company's still smart and strong, and calls of Wii U 'failure' are ridiculously premature.
Wii U e3 Hype
Apr 20th - Nintendo will showcase a ton of Wii U games at E3 this year. We've rounded up the top 10.
Apr 12th - A new fan-created concept for a new Legend of Zelda game has arisen.
Apr 8th - Is Nintendo's ill-timed shortage of several games hurting the company more than helping it?
Apr 5th - Wii U Daily is giving away a copy of the Hyrule Historia and you have three chances to win!
Iwata Wii U
Mar 19th - The Wii U has been struggling for months, and Nintendo has yet to step in and take action.
Wii U console
Mar 16th - The recent Wii U price cuts show that retailers are pessimistic about the console's future.
Mar 5th - It's been nearly a month since Aliens: Colonial Marines released on other platforms, so where's the Wii U version?
Feb 27th - A renewed focus on games, second-screen enhancements and streaming will feature heavily in upcoming consoles. Did Wii U get the jump, or will it be beaten at its own...
Feb 13th - The Wii U isn't doing as well as it should, and Nintendo needs to step up their game.