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Apr 8th - Is Nintendo's ill-timed shortage of several games hurting the company more than helping it?
Apr 5th - Wii U Daily is giving away a copy of the Hyrule Historia and you have three chances to win!
Iwata Wii U
Mar 19th - The Wii U has been struggling for months, and Nintendo has yet to step in and take action.
Wii U console
Mar 16th - The recent Wii U price cuts show that retailers are pessimistic about the console's future.
Mar 5th - It's been nearly a month since Aliens: Colonial Marines released on other platforms, so where's the Wii U version?
Feb 27th - A renewed focus on games, second-screen enhancements and streaming will feature heavily in upcoming consoles. Did Wii U get the jump, or will it be beaten at its own...
Feb 13th - The Wii U isn't doing as well as it should, and Nintendo needs to step up their game.
Feb 12th - If Club Nintendo were expanded to offer discounts and free games for subscribers, would you consider support Nintendo with a subscription?
Feb 11th - A look at some details you may have missed from the official Legend of Zelda chronology, and what they might indicate for a Wii U Zelda.
Feb 4th - If games went digitally only, would you be okay with purchasing directly from Nintendo?
Jan 30th - A top 10 list of Wii U games with a confirmed 2013 release date.
Jan 28th - We got 5 wishes for the brand new Zelda game on the Wii U.
Super Mario U
Jan 25th - From Animal Crossing, to Mario, to Metroid, and Zelda: the top 10 Nintendo games we wish to see on the Wii U.
Balloon Fight2
Jan 24th - A close look at the first Virtual Console game released for Wii U, as well as the features and options that support it.
Jan 22nd - Wii U Daily catches up with Chasing Aurora developer Martin Pichlmair to discuss Chasing Aurora and the future for Broken Rules.
Pachter Wii U
Jan 18th - Michael Pachter has flipped flopped many times when it comes to his position on the Wii U and Nintendo, Wii U Daily shows.
wii u big
Dec 31st - From Metroid, to Zelda, to Miiverse: here are Wii U Daily's top 10 Wii U predictions for the year of 2013.