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Wii U Games

Mar 2nd - Thunder Lotus Games have announced that Jotun: Valhalla Edition is coming to Wii U.
Mar 2nd - Gamergate has enlisted the help of an anti-sex trafficking organization to smear a Nintendo of America employee.
Mar 2nd - Nintendo has announced that a new Nintendo Direct will air tomorrow and has specifically stated there will be no NX or mobile news.
Mar 1st - Pokken Tournament's release date is soon and Nintendo UK is teasing us with these combo videos.
Mar 1st - Twilight Princess HD releases in just a few days with a Zelda Wii U easter egg hidden inside.
Feb 29th - Nintendo of America has confirmed a wide variety of games will get Select branding and a $20 price tag.
Feb 26th - Get ready for interstellar wing suit diving.
Feb 19th - Japan is getting a brand new GamePad cover with a bonus Squid Sisters cleaning cloth.
Feb 19th - Nintendo received an award last night for Super Mario Maker, while Satoru Iwata was honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award.
Feb 18th - Pokken Tournament developers Katsuhiro Harada and Masaaki Hoshino speak with GameXplain about the development of Pokken Tournament.
Feb 18th - Miitomo isn't an offline app as confirmed by Nintendo's FAQ, so you'll always need an active internet connection to use it.
Feb 17th - A new rumor running around is suggesting that Square Enix will bring both upcoming Final Fantasy titles to the Nintendo NX.
Feb 17th - Check out every single synergy burst move in Pokken Tournament, the equivalent of Mortal Kombat's fatalities.
Feb 17th - Shadow Mewtwo was created specifically for Pokken Tournament and there's no telling if he'll be appearing in other Pokemon media.
Feb 17th - Nintendo has made Nintendo Account sign-ups available alongside preregistration for Miitomo.
Feb 16th - One YouTuber is showing what Super Mario Kart looks like when 101 people race together.
Feb 16th - Analyst firm DFC believes the competition and the emergence of VR could negatively impact the Nintendo NX launch.