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Aug 26th - New video from Nintendo highlights Luigi's contributions to parkour and how he's becoming a legend again.
Aug 26th - Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara release date for Wii U has been pushed back to September.
Aug 26th - Nintendo's new battery lasts as long as claimed, according to a new report from a Japanese gaming website that put it to the test.
Aug 26th - Nintendo takes home best Family Game and best Mobile Game from the Gamescom show this year.
Aug 26th - A new game is under development from Level 5, makers of White Knight Chronicles and Ni No Kuni.
Aug 23rd - Here's a look at some of the best topics from the Wii U Forums for this week, including a new Splinter Cell section for Blacklist players.
Aug 23rd - New trailer from Nintendo UK shows off upcoming exclusives for the Wii U.
Aug 22nd - This week on the GameFans podcast we discuss Gamescom's events, as well as Sony and Microsoft's new announcements.
Aug 22nd - More details about Wind Waker HD have been released, including a first person view.
Aug 22nd - The president of Nintendo of Europe gives us a tour of Nintendo's booth for Gamescom.
Aug 22nd - Fans of The Legend of Zelda can submit art for a chance to win a Wii U with Wind Waker HD and have the art displayed at the LoZ...
Aug 22nd - A new Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut walkthrough video shows off the Wii U's unique features for the game.
Aug 21st - Nintendo's presence at PAX Prime will be a huge one, with opportunities to play The Wonderful 101 and Pokemon X & Y before release.
Aug 21st - New Batman: Arkham Origins trailer showcases Firefly as a villain, as well as introducing a bit of backstory.
Aug 21st - When Super Smash Bros. debuts on both the Wii U and the 3DS, which version will you be buying? Let us know!
Aug 21st - New Sonic Lost World trailer from Gamescom shows off new features and worlds.
Pikmin 3 wallpaper 2
Aug 21st - Japan's weekly sales charts are out and this week they're absolutely dominated by Nintendo.