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Wii U Games

Nov 16th - We've seen classic levels remade in Super Mario Maker, but how about a level from a modern platformer?
Nov 16th - Each Walmart location will have a minimum of 21 Modern Mario amiibo available at launch.
Nov 16th - Minecraft on Wii U was rated by PEGI last week, but PEGI has since removed that rating.
Nov 16th - Michael Pachter is back with some predictions for the price point of the upcoming Nintendo NX.
Nov 16th - Nintendo has scored two victories against patent trolls and piracy resellers.
Nov 16th - Xenoblade Chronicles X has four data packs to download, but how much do they speed up loading times?
Nov 13th - The Treehouse employee who was fired for appearing on a podcast has had his recorded voice lines stripped from Star Fox Zero, too.
Nov 13th - Amazon is having an amiibo purchase period today to try and combat online scalpers.
Nov 13th - Nintendo has released a new story trailer for Xenoblade Chronicles X, so start here if you're hyped for the game!
Nov 12th - Yup, you saw that right. Cloud is now appearing in Super Smash Bros.
Nov 12th - Twilight Princess HD is real and it includes a Wolf Link amiibo with Midna on his back.
Nov 12th - New details about amiibo support and gameplay features of Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash.
Nov 12th - Nintendo has revealed that Pokken Tournament will finally be making its way to the West next year.
Nov 12th - Splatoon is getting two new maps as well as more than 40 pieces of new weapons and gear for the winter.
Nov 12th - Bill Trinen finally revealed the new release date for Star Fox Zero on Wii U.
Nov 12th - The Nintendo Direct is streaming live today, so be sure to check it out right here on Wii U Daily!
Nov 12th - Splatoon's SplatNet has revealed a brand-new Splatoon map will be going live at 6pm PST tonight, a few hours after the Nintendo Direct airs.