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Wii U Games

Dec 31st - The beloved cel-shaded adventure makes the list of one of the industry's most creative minds
Dec 30th - Hideki Kamiya's new years resolution says he's starting a new project for 2014. What do you want to see from Platinum Games?
Dec 30th - Image & Form says its popular title Steamworld Dig could see release on the Wii U eShop.
Dec 27th - Another great indie puzzle title is heading to the Wii U.
Dec 27th - Notch has confirmed that Minecraft for the Wii U is not currently in development.
Dec 26th - Today Nintendo revealed Princess Zelda for Super Smash Bros!
Wii U eShop launch games
Dec 23rd - Looking to pick up a Wii U eshop game for a good sale price? Here's a list of all the games on sale right now!
Dec 20th - New details about Donkey Kong Country: Tropical freeze have been revealed.
Dec 20th - Dark Souls II is not coming to Wii U because the core audience on Wii U is not the same audience that would enjoy Dark Souls, says producer Takeshi...
Dec 19th - Zen Studios' sidescrolling tower defense game is storming the Wii U eshop on December 26.
Dec 19th - John Zaccari goes hands-on with NES Remix and decides if it's worth the $15 price tag.
Dec 18th - The latest Media Create Sales report reveals Nintendo experiencing strong Wii U and 3DS sales once again in Japan.
Dec 18th - Rosalina has been announced as the latest character in Nintendo's upcoming Super Smash Bros. games.
Dec 18th - Wii Sports Club has now added golf to its repertoire, along with a new 24 hour trial.
Dec 18th - Nintendo has announced a new Dynasty Warriors and Legend of Zelda crossover in the latest Nintendo Direct.
Dec 18th - A new trailer for Mario Kart 8 has been released, showing a ton of new tracks.
Dec 18th - Nintendo announced a brand new puzzle game featuring Luigi stepping into a doctor's shoes in Dr. Luigi.