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Wii U Games

Mar 12th - Pure Chess is coming to the Nintendo eShop on March 20.
Wii U sales
Mar 12th - Wii U sales seem to be stable in Japan, as Sony's PS Vita manages to edge out the 3DS for second spot this week.
monster hunter 4 ultimate
Mar 11th - Monster Hunter series creator Ryozo Tsujimoto discusses why the Nintendo 3DS was the focus for Monster Hunter 4.
Mar 11th - Creative director Jonathan Morin discusses why Ubisoft decided to delay the title at the last minute of 2013.
Mar 11th - New games have been added as Club Nintendo rewards for March.
Mar 11th - Nintendo opens a new website with an indie theme to showcase stellar Wii U and Nintendo 3DS titles.
Mar 11th - Here's a look at the brand new building that will house all future hardware development for Nintendo.
Mar 11th - Mario Kart 8 pre-orders are back on Amazon after having disappeared for two weeks.
Mar 10th - Zen Studios has announced the latest piece of DLC for CastleStorm will be available this Thursday.
Mar 10th - Redbull has created a mashup of mobile games with Nintendo properties, but they probably shouldn't have.
super mario 3d world
Mar 10th - Super Mario 3D World takes the Best Multiplayer award from South By Southwest over the weekend.
Mar 7th - Square Enix is asking for fan feedback surrounding Kingdom Hearts 3.
Mar 7th - Pure Chess has been approved for release in the Wii U eShop.
Mar 7th - Earthlock: Festival of Magic Kickstarter is now live, showcasing new art and more details about the game.
Mar 6th - Recent update provides stability fixes and a free multiplayer map.
Mar 6th - Watch Dogs for Wii U is still coming despite its delayed release date thanks to the GamePad.
Mar 6th - Shaq wants your help recreating Shaq Fu into something a little less sucky than the original game.