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Wii U News

3D World
Jul 8th - The purpose behind 3D World, plus a third adventure through the galaxy may not be far away.
Jul 7th - Nintendo president says that cutting employees is not good in the long run.
Jul 5th - Kamiya wants to see a demo for The Wonderful 101 released.
Jul 5th - Shigeru Miyamoto admits that the transition to the HD era has led to several development delays for Nintendo.
Jul 5th - Nintendo's Club Nintendo service in Japan was hacked, with thousands of user's personal information potentially stolen.
Jul 5th - Hideki Kamiya is worried about the current level of marketing surrounding The Wonderful 101 and general lack of knowledge about the game.
Jul 4th - Wii U Daily wishes you a safe and happy Independence Day!
Jul 4th - Masahiro Sakurai discusses the addition of custimization options to the latest Super Smash Bros.
Mario 3d world
Jul 4th - Real world real estate blog takes a look at how much Princess Peach's castle would be worth, were it real.
Jul 3rd - Zelda series producer Eiji Aonuma discusses how multiplayer aspects could be done in upcoming Legend of Zelda games.
Jul 3rd - Nintendo answers the call for region-free Nintendo consoles with a resounding no, saying it provides a valuable service to specific regions.
Jul 3rd - All current Injustice DLC is now available for Wii U owners!
Jul 3rd - Nintendo of Japan is offering a special launch week discount to Japanese Wii U owners in order to test a new digital pricing scheme.
Jul 2nd - A prototype version of EarthBound is on sale at eBay right now for a whopping $15,000.
Jul 2nd - More details surrounding Mario Kart 8 development have surfaced in an interview, including details about the GamePad and track editor.
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Jul 2nd - EA Sports boss Andrew Wilson says EA Sports games aren't coming to Wii U because nobody plays sports on the Wii U.
Jul 2nd - The GameFans crew discusses some of the bizarre news happening this week as a few tears are shed. Now available on iTunes!