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Wii U News

Oct 8th - Nintendo has announced which indie games it will be showcasing for its platforms at IndieCade.
Oct 7th - Check out these deals available on the Wii U console and several games.
Oct 7th - Two Tribes has revealed the first gameplay footage of its new game, RIVE.
Oct 7th - Nintendo confirms six additional Amiibo figures for release in December as the second wave.
Oct 7th - Nintendo of Australia has confirmed that the old GameCube WaveBird controller works with the new Wii U GameCube adapter.
Oct 7th - Nintendo confirms a December 5 release date for Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker.
amiibo after video 09
Oct 7th - Here's what it looks like when an Amiibo is ready to interface with the game to create a figure player.
Oct 7th - Nintendo has finally announced the release date for Super Smash Bros.
Oct 6th - An enterprising programmer from Japan has managed to create a Twitter cartridge for his Game Boy Color.
Oct 6th - A new rumor suggests Tharja of Fire Emblem: Awakening was left out of Smash because of censorship concerns.
Oct 6th - Creative director Alex Amancio says the Wii U was not powerful enough to run Assassin's Creed Unity.
Oct 6th - Nintendo has released a new trailer that shows off the Hero of Hyrule costume for Bayonetta 2.
Oct 6th - Nintendo's chief handheld developer, Satoru Okada has retired from Nintendo after nearly 40 years of service.
Tengami 1
Oct 6th - Tengami is finally coming to the Wii U eShop in November after a long period of delays.
Oct 4th - One of the most revolutionary game consoles of all time turns 18!
Oct 3rd - Super Smash Bros. on 3DS has completely sold through its stock in Japan, leading to shortages for customers.
Oct 3rd - Check out these new screenshots that showcase hidden characters, as well as hidden stages!