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Wii U News

Apr 20th - NIntendo is releasing their animated short followed by a Nintendo Treehouse presentation for Star Fox Zero.
Apr 20th - You'll be experiencing the world as a deer in the matter of a few days.
Apr 20th - We take a look at what critics are saying about Star Fox Zero, which launches tomorrow on the Wii U.
Apr 20th - Nintendo has fully outlined their PAX East schedule, which looks very skimpy this year.
Apr 20th - In a new piece outlining some of the Nintendo NX development, Emily Rogers has confirmed several unannounced Wii U projects were moved over to NX development.
Apr 19th - A fan on the Nintendo subreddit has created an awesome American football game concept called Super Mario Huddle.
Apr 19th - Series producer Eiji Aonuma has stated that he's happy with fan feedback on the Twilight Princess HD remaster.
Apr 19th - Watch this Game of Thrones cross-over with The Legend of Zelda to see the story of Hyrule like you've never seen it before.
Apr 19th - Another former Rare employee has joined the ranks at Playtonic to help with Yooka-Laylee.
Apr 18th - Nintendo's supplemental computing device patent is just a hair's breadth away from being granted.
Apr 18th - Two Tribes developer Collin van Ginkel discusses the studio's exit from the industry while finishing up their last project.
Apr 18th - Shigeru Miyamoto has teamed up with two production companies to create an animated short for Star Fox Zero!
Apr 18th - Nintendo has teamed up with Sonic to offer toys from Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam inside their kid's meals this month.
Apr 17th - Nintendo are being asshats.
Apr 16th - Pokken Tournament made it to the top 10 as well.
Apr 15th - Watch this Super Mario Bros. world record run as Twitch user Darbian shaves milliseconds off his former best!
GameStop Wii U
Apr 15th - GameStop's COO has let on that new consoles could be coming later this year.