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Wii U News

Mar 8th - Nintendo has announced it will shutter the Mario Kart TV website next month.
Mar 7th - The opening cinematic for Star Fox Zero has leaked online, though it's only for the Japanese version of the game.
Mar 7th - Pokken Tournament battles continue to celebrate the upcoming release of the game. Who will win Garchomp vs Charizard and Machamp vs. Blaziken?
Mar 6th - And it will be all about Mario.
Mar 5th - It's finally coming to the Wii U.
Mar 4th - Niantic Labs is now seeking closed beta testers in Japan to test the upcoming Pokemon Go game.
Mar 4th - Twilight Princess HD is releasing on Wii U today and Google is celebrating in grand style with a Maps easter egg.
Mar 4th - A new rumor suggests Nintendo is restricting Wii U stock in Japan to avoid unsold inventory, resulting in out of stock signs in numerous gaming shops.
Mar 3rd - Super Mario Maker is getting a big update next week that brings several new features.
Mar 3rd - Nintendo announced a new Wii U game during today's Nintendo Direct, Paper Mario: Color Splash!
Mar 3rd - Nintendo isn't finished with Splatoon, as a new balancing patch is on the way before new gear later this year.
Mar 3rd - Shigeru Miyamoto has announced Project Guard is now Star Fox Guard and is releasing alongside Star Fox Zero in April.
Mar 3rd - You can watch today's Nintendo Direct right here on Wii U Daily!
Mar 3rd - A new rumor suggests that Nintendo is funding Beyond Good & Evil 2 as an NX exclusive title.
Mar 3rd - Niantic Labs has cancelled their Pokemon Go presentation that was to appear at GDC 2016.
Mar 2nd - Super Mario Maker is getting a Wolf Link costume likely unlocked by the Wolf Link amiibo.
Mar 2nd - Thunder Lotus Games have announced that Jotun: Valhalla Edition is coming to Wii U.