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Wii U News

Jun 10th - Nintendo is bringing the Captain Toad levels from Super Mario 3D World to life in their own game.
Jun 10th - Nintendo has announced its Amiibo line of figurines that communicate with several games on the Wii U.
Jun 10th - Smash brothers will be fighting their way to the 3DS this October.
Jun 10th - Getting hyped about watching the Nintendo E3 digital event? Check it out here on Wii U Daily!
Jun 10th - In a leak by TIME magazine (oops!) a returning franchise and two other mysterious titles have been leaked. Their names have been obscured here for the purpose of hiding...
Jun 9th - Amid all the craziness going on at E3 today, Capcom announced tons of new Virtual Console titles that will be headed to the Wii U. This update will please...
Wii U hardware specs
Jun 7th - Nintendo is no longer the top selling console maker in the world.
Jun 6th - WaveDash is a Kickstarter project to create a modern wireless GameCube controller.
Jun 6th - Here's the winner for the Mario Kart 8 contest!
Jun 6th - The North American release is happening on June 26, with a later date for European release.
Jun 6th - Nintendo of Europe is undergoing a reshuffle, with 130 people being made redundant.
Jun 6th - Is Nintendo launching a do-it-yourself Mario game this year at E3?
Wii U eShop launch games
Jun 5th - Here's a look at what's available this week for download on both the Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS.
Jun 5th - Wii Sports Club retail package is coming to North America on July 25.
Jun 5th - Nintendo of America has confirmed that president Satoru Iwata will be skipping E3 this year.
Jun 5th - Image & Form have announced they're bringing SteamWorld Dig to the Wii U.
Wii U region locked
Jun 5th - The call for Nintendo to end region-locking on the Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS has been renewed.