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Wii U News

Jun 6th - Retro Studios is a known name among Nintendo fans: it’s the Nintendo-owned development house that made the fantastic
Jun 6th - While the Wii U technically supports 1080p resolution, current Wii U games only run in 720p, Wii U
Wii U gamepad
Jun 6th - Good news for Wii owners: you will be able to transfer your old WiiWare games, Virtual Console games,
Wii U hardware specs
Jun 5th - Nintendo has revealed the Wii U hardware specs here at E3, but only the “outside” stuff such as
Black Wii U
Jun 5th - Nintendo will be offering both a white and black Wii U console at launch. After much speculation, Nintendo
Wii U gamepads
Jun 5th - It’s official, Nintendo just revealed that the Wii U will support dual GamePad tablet controllers in the future,
Black Wii U
Jun 4th - A black Wii U model could be unveiled at E3, if the latest Nintendo video is of any
Jun 3rd - In case you missed the live strean of Nintendo Direct, where they revealed a bunch of new Wii
Wii U pro controller
Jun 3rd - Nintendo just wrapped up their Nintendo Direct video stream, where they talked about the Wii U, and some
Morgan Webb Wii U
Jun 1st - Morgan Webb, the pretty presenter at G4 TV’s “X-Play” show, believes that gamers are still confused about the
Wii U teaser
May 31st - Nintendo posted the above message on their Facebook Wii U page yesterday, teasing gamers with the names of
NBA 2K13 Wii U
May 30th - 2K Games has announced that NBA 2K13 is coming to the Wii U console, and will be released
Wii U E3
May 30th - What we expect from Nintendo and the Wii U at E3 2012.
May 29th - There is now some uncertainty over the Unreal Engine 4 Wii U support. We’ve previously reported that Epic
Wii U Havok
May 29th - The Havok physics engine is coming to the Wii U, and it will offer exclusive features that no
Wii U Dev Kit features
May 28th - According to tipsters over at the NeoGAF forums, the current Wii U dev kits have received a few
Wii U logo
May 26th - Yesterday Nintendo pretty much confirmed the Wii U name and revealed a brand new high-res Wii U logo