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Wii U News

Oct 15th - Wii U gets Tecmo Koei's upcoming beat'em-up action game.
Oct 15th - In anticipation to the Wii U, Nintendo has cut the price of the original Wii down to just $129.
Wii U demo station
Oct 14th - Starting this Wednesday, gamers will get a chance to try out the Wii U at their local Best Buy retail store.
Spider-Man Wii U
Oct 13th - Activision is bringing Spider-Man to the Wii U in early 2013.
Wii U zombiu bundle
Oct 12th - The Europe-exclusive ZombiU Deluxe bundle includes a Wii U Pro controller and other accessories.
U from WIi U
Oct 12th - The flip-flopping continues: this week, analyst Michael Pachter doesn't like the Wii U, apparently.
Wii U mainboard and CPU
Oct 11th - Nintendo reveals the Wii U mainboard, processors, and other details.
Wii U TV
Oct 11th - First Wii U TV ad will be a 60 second spot during the popular talent show X-Factor in the UK.
Wii U player
Oct 10th - Nintendo's Reggie Fils-Aime believes the Wii U is powerful enough to fend off the PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720.
Wii U power
Oct 8th - A wild rumor suggests that a Nintendo rep said the Wii U was 19 times more powerful than the PlayStation 3.
Oct 8th - The upcoming Wii U platformer from Ubisoft will be released in the first quarter of 2013.
Nano Assault Neo Wii U
Oct 7th - Developer behind Nano Assault Neo says the Wii U is the strongest console at the moment.
Oct 6th - James Bond comes to the Wii U later this year.
Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Wii U
Oct 3rd - Capcom's Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate will run in 1080p on the Wii U console.
GameStop Wii U
Oct 2nd - Mega game retailer GameStop has started promoting the Wii U in its stores.
Chasing Aurora Wii U
Oct 1st - Developer behind Chasing Aurora says that the Wii U is a much more indie friendly console than the original Wii was.
Sony Wii U
Oct 1st - Sony has a few good words to say about the Wii U, apparently.