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Wii U News

Nov 8th - The new Mario Tennis game is pretty small.
Nov 8th - Mario Tennis will offer 3 new characters, the official site confirms.
Nov 7th - Ubisoft's recent quarterly earnings show there is no demand for the company's Wii U offerings.
Nov 7th - Developer Valhalla Games is spreading the disappointment to the PC platform.
Nov 6th - A new bundle has popped up on a retail site, featuring both Super Smash Bros. and Splatoon alongside a deluxe Wii U.
Nov 6th - The SNES PlayStation prototype that surfaced a few months ago has been turned on and the internals exposed.
Nov 6th - Here's a look at travel using the mechs called skells in Xenoblade Chronicles X.
Nov 5th - Splatoon players will be able to get their hands on a new splatling gun style tonight!
Nov 5th - Remember that gorgeous piece of Yooka-Laylee concept art? Well, now you can own a limited edition print of it.
Nov 5th - Yo-Kai Watch is releasing tomorrow, but don't forget about Rodea and the Sky Soldier on Wii U!
Nov 5th - The new update to Super Mario Maker came with some hidden surprises as well.
Nov 4th - Here's a look at the Japanese hardware and software sales of last week, where the Wii U is still hanging strong thanks to Super Mario Maker and Splatoon.
Nov 4th - Panga is back with another nearly impossible Super Mario Maker level that will blow your mind.
Nov 4th - Nintendo is offering 20% off of Splatoon on the Nintendo eShop to those who participated in the Global Testfire event.
Nov 4th - Nintendo's Q&A with investors revealed it plans to tackle the mobile market with innovations that attract new demographics not reached with traditional games.
Nov 4th - Nintendo is showing off another unlockable character from Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash!
Nov 4th - New update for Super Mario Maker brings hard mode to Gnat Attack with additional costume rewards.