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Wii U News

Sep 28th - Mobot Studios is bringing Deer God to the Wii U this December.
Sep 28th - Despite several delays pushing the game out of 2015, both Comcept and Deep Silver have announced physical and digital versions of Mighty No. 9 will launch on the same...
Sep 27th - Shovel Knight Amiibo gets US release date and Shulk, Greninja, Luracion are no longer Toys R Us exclusive.
Sep 27th - Zelda producer has an interesting casting idea for Link.
Sep 27th - Shuhei Yoshida reveals that he plays a lot of Wii U
Sep 25th - Hori reveals yet another version of its GameCube Wii U controller.
Sep 25th - Get a bucket of this!
Sep 24th - There is no explanation what the patch does besides making it "a more pleasant gaming experience"
Sep 23rd - Looking for a stylish way to keep your GamePad in top shape? HORI is releasing a Super Mario Maker GamePad accessory.
Sep 23rd - Amazon has a couple of good deals on pre-order games for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS, if you're a Prime member.
Sep 23rd - Allison Brie is back as UniKitty in this new trailer showcasing the upcoming LEGO Dimensions.
Sep 23rd - Shin'en have announced the voice actor for F-Zero GX will be the announcer in Fast Racing Neo.
Sep 23rd - Panga is back with another impossibly hard Super Mario Maker level that still hasn't been beaten by anyone but himself.
Sep 22nd - Nintendo has joined an API standards group, which could have interesting implications for their upcoming hardware.
Sep 22nd - Here's our first up-close look at the Retro Amiibo 3-pack, featuring Mr. Game & Watch, Duck Hunt Dog, and R.O.B.
Sep 22nd - Looking to get the special edition of Xenoblade Chronicles X? GameStop has it back up on their site for now.
Sep 22nd - Pachter says that dedicated gaming hardware is going to be less and less important as time goes on.