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Wii U News

Nov 21st - Get Mario Tennis 64 for free, which was released 15 years ago and still has more content than Mario Tennis Ultra Smash on Wii U.
Nov 21st - Amiibo turns 1 year old today!
Nov 20th - This is one way to break into the used video game market.
Nov 20th - The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth likely won't see Wii U release because of lack of power.
Wii U in Seattle
Nov 20th - EA finally admits it doesn't make Wii U games because the install base just isn't big enough.
Nov 20th - A new weapon is releasing in Splatoon tonight just in time for the weekend!
Nov 19th - Looking for a great deal on Guitar Hero Live? Amazon has you covered.
Nov 19th - Turns out Europe isn't getting the gold Mega Man amiibo. Capcom says the regular Mega Man amiibo will unlock the same features in the Legacy Collection.
Wii U eShop launch games
Nov 19th - Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash, Typoman, and more make up this week's Nintendo eShop downloads.
Nov 19th - Getting your hands on the Chibi-Robo amiibo will require you to buy it from Amazon, thanks to an exclusivity deal.
Nov 18th - Bowser has a vendetta against Mario in one of the new official courses inside Course World.
Nov 18th - Splatoon has gotten so popular in Japan that it's getting space on store shelves for merchandise this holiday season.
Nov 18th - Cloud is looking fantastic in Super Smash Bros., especially on the new Midgar stage that will accompany him.
Nov 18th - Toon Link takes no prisoners in the latest Hyrule Warriors Legends gameplay video.
Nov 17th - Developer Renegade Kid has announced that Mutant Mudds Super Challenge is delayed to early 2016.
Nov 17th - Michael Pachter is back with some analysis about the NX and Nintendo's dependence on third-party support to be successful.
Nov 17th - This week's new weapon in Splatoon is a variant of the Bamboozler assault-sniper rifle.