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Wii U News

Sep 10th - The Xbox One launched last week in Japan and promptly fell on its face.
Sep 10th - This brand new trailer for Fatal Frame: The Black-Haired Shrine Maiden is pretty creepy.
Sep 10th - The Nintendo Treehouse stream will be starting at 10am PST on Friday, showcasing several upcoming games.
mario maker screens 12
Sep 9th - Mario Maker will ship with a dedicated way to share your courses with friends and the Mario Maker community.
Sep 9th - Nintendo confirms Hyrule Warriors limited edition bundle for North America, but it's exclusive to the Nintendo World Store.
Sep 9th - Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter says Wii U sales are up 111% year over year.
Sep 9th - Warner Bros. Interactive has announced a season pass for LEGO Batman 3, but it doesn't include Wii U.
Sep 9th - HIdeki Kamiya has announced that The Wonderful 101 soundtrack will be available digitally soon.
Sep 8th - Nintendo of America has announced there will be a Treehouse livestream on September 12.
Sep 8th - Here's a look at the new game rewards for September at Club Nintendo.
Sep 8th - Nintendo will be streaming Super Smash Bros. for 3DS in the early hours of the morning on Friday.
Sep 8th - The latest Japanese commercial for Super Smash Bros. focuses on the brand new Mii Fighters.
Sep 8th - Developer Fuzzy Wuzzy Games has announced the 1.1 patch for Armillo fixes most issues.
Sep 6th - One Miiverse artist offers an amazing tribute to the late Robin Williams.
Sep 5th - Michael Pachter says the industry is shifting away from dedicated hardware and Nintendo is the furthest behind.
Sep 5th - Creative director at Slightly Mad Studios discusses why Project Cars for Wii U is delayed to 2015.
Sep 5th - Check out this brand new trailer for Bayonetta 2 released after last night's Nintendo Direct.