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Wii U News

Jun 25th - The nominees for the Game Critics Awards 2014 have been announced!
Jun 24th - The developer of Devil's Third discusses why the switch to Wii U exclusivity came about.
Jun 24th - Shovel Knight is headed to Wii U and Nintendo 3DS on Thursday, so here's a look at the launch trailer.
Jun 24th - Miyamoto discusses the reason why handheld and console development was united.
Jun 24th - Iwata is recovering from surgery after doctor's discovered a growth on his bile duct.
Jun 24th - Both Agitha and Lana have been confirmed for Hyrule Warriors, with Lana being an original character.
Jun 24th - In a recent interview with Gameinformer, The Legend of Zelda developer Eiji Aonuma hinted at the possibility of multiplayer in the upcoming Zelda title for Wii U.
Jun 23rd - Both Zant and Argorok are confirmed as playable characters, with two more speculative characters coming.
Jun 23rd - Splatoon's producer Hisashi Nogami discusses using established IP characters before settling on squids.
Jun 23rd - Nintendo is appealing last week's UK court decision in the Philips patent infringement case.
Jun 23rd - Tecmo Koei has released a new trailer showcasing the Fire Rod and its special moves in Hyrule Warriors.
Jun 22nd - The Bayonetta: Bloody Fate anime feature film will be coming to North America soon.
Jun 21st - Here's a look at what's happening this week on Wii U Forums, where plenty of E3 hold over discussion is still happening.
Reggie retro Wii U
Jun 21st - Nintendo of America President believes in Wii U's long term potential.
nintendo e3 booth tour
Jun 20th - Here's a quick look at everything major Nintendo announced for Wii U last week at E3. What are you most excited to see?
Jun 20th - Mario Kart meets Mercedes-Benz with this upcoming DLC!
Miyamoto Wii U
Jun 20th - Miyamoto is asking Nintendo fans what games they want to see from the Kyoto company, so speak up!