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Wii U News

Sep 8th - Nintendo wants to make sure the barrier for entry to online fun is as small as possible, so the newest Mario Kart 8 bundle includes all released DLC.
Sep 7th - Mario creator is thinking about a new Mario Galaxy game, but not before Nintendo's next console.
pikmin 3
Sep 7th - Surprisingly, Nintendo is working and almost done with Pikmin 4.
Sep 6th - Check out the talented winners of the Splatoon art contest.
Wii U ad
Sep 6th - Nintendo is now spending quite a lot to promote its products.
Sep 5th - Good guy Nintendo.
Sep 5th - The best Smash Bros player in the world is taking a break after feeling burned out from too much Smash Bros.
Sep 4th - Nintendo of America's latest job listing is for a mobile software engineer. Will we be seeing mobile games from Nintendo of America soon?
Sep 4th - Skylanders Superchargers had several Nintendo characters in mind before finally settling on Bowser and Donkey Kong.
Sep 4th - Splatoon is getting a new mini-gun type weapon that should make splatting Inklings easier than ever.
Sep 3rd - Thanks to data-mining, a new weapons has been discovered in Splatoon.
Sep 3rd - One man. One mission. Buy all 57 amiibo in Australia within 24 hours. Can he do it?
Sep 3rd - Watch as Playtonic Games creates several different levels in Super Mario Maker!
Sep 3rd - Witch Beam is delaying the Wii U version of Assault Android Cactus to 2016.
Sep 3rd - A small minority of players are experiencing connection problems so bad, Splatoon is unplayable for them.
Sep 2nd - Modern Mario amiibo will be exclusive to the Super Mario Maker bundle at launch.
Sep 2nd - Extreme Exorcism finally has a release date and price, so get ready to get your poltergeist busting on!