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Wii U News

Aug 24th - The box art for Star Fox Zero has been revealed, but it doesn't feature the Platinum Games logo anywhere on the box.
Aug 24th - Miyamoto confirms that Nintendo is looking to expand its entertainment value by venturing into more movie partnerships.
Aug 24th - Nintendo of America has confirmed that the new Fatal Frame will be an eShop-only release for now.
Aug 23rd - Two of the most enjoyable multiplayer games brought together.
Aug 23rd - Professor Layton is likely the newest member of the Super Smash Bros roster.
Aug 22nd - The first NX patents reveal a console without an optical drive.
Aug 22nd - Super Mario Maker has a cool little fly-swatting game Easter Egg.
Aug 21st - Shovel Knight could be the next character joining the Super Smash Bros. roster, if this retail listing turns out to be true.
Aug 21st - Good news! New certifications for amiibo have popped up showing several rare figures will be restocked soon!
Aug 21st - Dr. Mario will be exclusive to Target during the next amiibo wave, but listing mentions "at launch."
Aug 21st - Nintendo has confirmed that Pokken Tournament will be releasing on the Wii U worldwide in 2016.
Aug 20th - A YouTuber has created a pretty faithful rendition of Flappy Bird in Super Mario Maker.
Wii U eShop launch games
Aug 20th - Looking for something new to play this week? Don't forget Splatoon's free demo this week on the eShop!
Aug 20th - Nintendo has announced a price drop for the Nintendo 2DS, but perhaps the Wii U should be getting that same consideration.
Aug 20th - New Splatoon level coming tonight, featuring a unique homage to Japanese architecture!
Aug 20th - Nintendo has filed a trademark for Pokken Tournament in Europe. Will it come to Wii U or be an NX launch title?
Aug 19th - Here's a look at seven days worth of start up sequences for Super Mario Maker!