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Wii U News

Sep 2nd - Nintendo announces a new Nintendo Direct on Thursday, dedicated to Bayonetta 2.
Sep 2nd - A brand new trailer for Teslagrad has been released on the Wii U YouTube channel, showcasing gameplay.
Sep 2nd - The executive producer of Xenoblade Chronicles X discusses the use of the GamePad for the game.
Sep 2nd - Nintendo dates the new Star Fox game for 2015 in its newest release schedule.
Sep 2nd - Hive Jump has three days left on its Kickstarter goal and promises a unique blend of co-op gameplay.
Sep 2nd - According to a new rumor, the new Nintendo 3DS could end up being region-free.
Sep 2nd - The first update for Hyrule Warriors released in Japan today and it will be available at launch for the rest of the world.
Sep 1st - Now that the first series of Amiibo figures has been revealed, which one is your favorite?
Aug 31st - "We won’t release on the platform if the base is very small because it’s much too big of an effort"
Aug 30th - Reggie and other Nintendo executives join the club and complete the ice bucket challenge.
Wii U
Aug 30th - Nintendo is stepping up its marketing efforts with a new trailer featuring past and future games for Wii U.
Aug 29th - The English language site for Hyrule Warriors is now live, featuring character profiles and more.
Aug 29th - Mario's voice actor has been giving the brothers some interesting experiences on Instagram.
Aug 29th - Reggie has delivered on his ice bucket challenge, bringing several members of the Nintendo of America team along with him.
Aug 29th - Sakurai discusses the dynamism of Super Smash Bros. compared to previous releases.
Aug 29th - More than 320 jobs are being cut at Nintendo of Europe during its reshuffle, Nintendo confirmed today.
Aug 29th - Rain Games has announced that Teslagrad is coming to the Wii U on September 11.