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Wii U News

Jan 26th - Episode 30 of the GameFans podcast is live, with discussion of Nintendo's recent troubles and Microsoft's supposed involvement in illicit advertising practices.
Jan 24th - Electronic Arts second in command, Peter Moore, recently said that the company considers Nintendo a "great partner".
Jan 24th - Xbite boss Steve Thomas calls for a price cut and a revolutionary use of the gamepad's second screen.
the amazing spider man 2
Jan 24th - With big blockbuster movies, comes big blockbuster movie-game-tie-in's.
Jan 24th - John Zaccari attempts to put the struggles of the Wii U into perspective by looking at its entire history.
Nintendo Wii U online
Jan 23rd - After last week's announcements and the huge stock hit, it looks like Nintendo stock is recovering well.
Jan 23rd - Check out this new music from Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze.
Jan 23rd - A new Shovel Knight trailer has been released, along with a release date of March 31.
Jan 23rd - Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze will be native 720p.
Jan 22nd - One anonymous EA veteran says the relationship between the companies was doomed to fail.
Jan 22nd - Here's a look at the 20 most wanted titles according to Famitsu readers.
Jan 22nd - Nintendo has been hit hard by the recent lowering of its financial forecast, as evidenced by a list published by a prominent Japanese investing magazine.
Jan 22nd - Looking for a new game to play? Check out these deals at Amazon this week.
Jan 22nd - Sakurai has issued a small update during SSB development stating that ledge grabbing will work slightly differently in the new game.
Jan 22nd - Kirby Triple Deluxe took Japan by storm last week, while hardware sales continue to cool on all fronts.
Jan 21st - During a recent interview, A Link Between Worlds developer teases more Majora's Mask information.
Jan 21st - Team Kakumei are now official Wii U developers and have kind words for Nintendo about the process.