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Wii U News

May 20th - Splatoon is releasing in just a few days alongside three new amiibo figures. Here's an up close look at those three amiibo.
May 20th - The new LEGO Dimensions trailer features Christopher Lloyd from Back to the Future.
May 20th - Sales of the Wii U in Japan have dropped back to their normal average after just two weeks from the Xenoblade Chronicles X release date.
May 20th - Curious what all the gear abilities are in Splatoon? Don't worry, we've got you covered. Check out this handy chart to learn more.
May 20th - Nintendo of America has hired a new Vice President of sales, bringing Doug Bowser into the fold.
May 19th - According to several Best Buy employees, stores will begin receiving more Meta Knight stock soon.
May 19th - As part of the Steamworld Ambassador program, Image & Form is seeking clever one-liners for the game and a chance to win an early copy!
May 19th - Nintendo has won a patent case brought against them for alleged patent infringement regarding the Wii balance board.
May 19th - There are 8 Best Buy locations across the nation participating in the Nintendo World Championship qualifiers, check to see if one is near you!
May 19th - Nintendo president Satoru Iwata will not be attending E3 this year, though Miyamoto will still make an appearance.
May 18th - Nintendo is targeting the same people who loved Mario Kart with Splatoon and marketing is going all out to promote the new game.
May 18th - Target will be giving away a free squirt gun with every purchase of Splatoon.
May 18th - A 10 year-old Colorado boy saved the life of his grandmother and brother after taking over the wheel when his grandma passed out while driving.
May 18th - UCraft will remain a Wii U exclusive game despite the failure of the Kickstarter effort late last year.
May 17th - A new manga comic book featuring Splatoon has been revealed in Japan.
May 16th - The Wii U accounted for just 10% of current gen sales in North America last month, according to NPD.
May 16th - Square Enix postpones its E3 press conference by an hour to avoid conflict with Nintendo's event.