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Wii U News

Aug 14th - Gaijin Games have announced a new piece of DLC for Runner 2 that will be available on the Nintendo eShop tomorrow.
Aug 14th - A game director for Atlus has personally apologized for the recent happenings surrounding Atlus and assures fans that unannounced titles are still in development.
Aug 14th - A new teaser site for Wind Waker HD has gone live, with everything we know about the game plus a few extras.
Aug 13th - Nintendo says it hopes The Wonderful 101 will appeal to a broader audience than just its hardcore fans.
Aug 13th - Chicago's L Train got a big green makeover to celebrate the Year of Luigi.
Aug 13th - Has a demo ever affected your purchasing decision toward a game, either positively or negatively?
Aug 13th - DreamPark Tycoon was announced yesterday to be in development for the Wii U.
Aug 13th - Check out which Disney Infinity characters were announced at the D23 Expo.
Aug 12th - Nintendo's Wii U Summer Tour is still alive and kicking, this time from Hollywood, California.
Pikmin 3 wallpaper 2
Aug 12th - Our Pikmin 3 contest has drawn to a close and now it's time to pick a winner.
Aug 12th - Q.U.B.E trailer shows off block manipulation that's coming in the upcoming Director's Cut.
Aug 12th - Iwata believes the price point for the Wii U isn't to blame for poor sales, which is why an official price cut won't happen.
Aug 12th - The one and only Shovel Knight will be making an appearance in Two Brothers.
Wind Waker HD WIi U guide
Aug 11th - Official game guide comes in hardcover format and retails for $35.
Aug 9th - The full seven minute trailer introducing the Wonder Team is now available for watching.
Aug 9th - You can watch The Wonderful 101 Nintendo Direct presentation right here on Wii U Daily.
Aug 9th - Platinum Games teases something more after today's Nintendo Direct.