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Wii U News

Nov 25th - Now that next-gen consoles are finally here and can be considered current-gen, which launch line up reigns supreme?
Nov 25th - Festival of Magic is a Japanese-inspired turn-based RPG that is heading to Wii U, but you can help fund the game on Kickstarter right now!
Nov 25th - Reggie admits Nintendo made mistakes with the Wii U launch, but says there will be no game drought in 2014.
Nov 25th - PEGI has detailed a new rating system scheduled to come into effect next year.
Nov 25th - Warner Bros. has confirmed that LEGO The Hobbit will be coming to Wii U and Nintendo 3DS in 2014.
super mario 3d world
Nov 25th - Mario and Zelda light up the darkness in this awesome display at Toys R Us. Photos inside.
Wii U sales hit 400k
Nov 22nd - A new analyst report being published soon lowers the expected lifetime sales of Wii U down to just 25 million.
Nov 22nd - In a recent interview with Game Trailers, Reggie says you can expect something from Nintendo at the Spike VGX awards.
Nov 21st - EA completely ignores Nintendo consoles in its latest survey sent to users concerning gaming platforms.
Nov 20th - Join our live podcast to find out who the winners of the MEGA Contest for all the GameFans sites are!
Nov 20th - The next issue of Edge Magazine features a very familiar face.
Nov 20th - Shin'en has confirmed that their latest game Fast Racing Neo will have hyper real graphics thanks to the Wii U's improvements.
Nov 20th - A man has been arrested in Japan after threatening to kill Nintendo executives and bomb Nintendo headquarters.
Nov 20th - Here's a quick video explaining how to unlock Rosalina in Super Mario 3D World.
Nov 19th - The annual Spike Video Game Awards are back and this year you can vote for Super Mario 3D World as Game of the Year.
Nov 19th - A software engineer at Nintendo of America shares details about an educational tablet under development.
White and black Wii U
Nov 19th - A minor firmware update is now available for the Wii U, bringing small improvements.