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Wii U News

Feb 18th - Strength of the Sword is a 3D brawler mixed with unique PvP mechanics that is nearing its Wii U stretch goal on Kickstarter.
Feb 18th - Ganon features as a playable character in a new mode in the Hyrule Warriors fourth DLC, the Big Boss pack.
Feb 18th - Smash producer Masahiro Sakurai talks balance of the game and why so many "clone" characters featured in this iteration of Super Smash Bros.
Feb 18th - Iwata says Nintendo will discuss the Quality of Life platform and future smartphone endeavors in the next financial meeting.
Feb 18th - A small blurb in the most recent Game Informer mentions that Star Fox for Wii U won't require motion controls.
Feb 18th - A banner in a Walmart gaming section is advertising the gold Mario amiibo as a Walmart exclusive item.
Feb 17th - GameStop says it will have new stock of the GameCube adapter for the Wii U soon.
Feb 17th - Starfall Studios details their plans for Sneaky Ninja on the Wii U, including awesome support for the GamePad.
Feb 17th - During today's investor meeting, Iwata stated that Nintendo is focusing on games that utilize the GamePad in new and unique ways.
Feb 17th - Playtonic Games has announced that three ex-Rare composers will be joining their team.
Feb 17th - President Satoru Iwata has confirmed that Nintendo will begin offering amiibo cards later this year to help combat amiibo rarity.
Feb 17th - Nintendo says it remains committed to amiibo and will consider more production for highly popular figures.
Feb 16th - There's a cranky old man guarding the man-hole to the single-player experience for Splatoon.
Feb 16th - Bayonetta 2 director says if he was given the chance to make a sequel, he would jump at the chance.
Feb 16th - The supposed Smash Rayman leak over the weekend has turned out to be 100% fake after the creator shows his process on YouTube.
Feb 16th - Legend of Zelda series producer Eiji Aonuma says this iteration of the Zelda series will push the Wii U to its limits.
Feb 15th - Nintendo gives up on bringing the TVii service to Europe due to complex TV and cable structure.