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Wii U News

Jun 5th - Image & Form have announced they're bringing SteamWorld Dig to the Wii U.
Wii U region locked
Jun 5th - The call for Nintendo to end region-locking on the Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS has been renewed.
Jun 4th - A new Miiverse update is now live, reducing the time between posts to two minutes instead of three.
Jun 4th - Was your purchasing decision for Mario Kart 8 affected by the free game offer at all?
Jun 4th - Nintendo of Europe has announced the release dates for the final Wii Sports Club sports, as well as a physical release.
Jun 4th - Nintendo has released a Nintendo DS game on the Wii u virtual console.
Nintendo Japan
Jun 4th - Here's a look at the first partial week of Mario Kart 8 sales in Japan, which claimed top spot.
Jun 3rd - Nintendo has announced that Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric is coming in November and will be playable at E3.
Jun 3rd - Not heading to E3 next week? Don't worry, Nintendo has you covered with live coverage of the event.
Jun 3rd - The Wii U finally got the 5.0.0 U system update last night that brings the quick start menu.
mario kart 8 yoshi piranha plant
Jun 2nd - Today Nintendo announced Mario Kart 8 has sold 1.2 million units to become the fastest selling Wii U title to date.
Jun 2nd - Sega has released tons of new Sonic Boom information, including that the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS versions are entirely separate games.
Jun 2nd - Rain Games have announced that Teslagrad for the Wii U should have a release date soon.
Jun 2nd - Natsume has three Nintendo titles in the works they're planning on showing off at E3.
Jun 2nd - Nintendo of Japan is phasing out the black Wii U and several bundles that its included in in favor of a white Wii U.
Jun 2nd - Sales of Wii U consoles skyrocketed more than 666% in the wake of Mario Kart 8's release in the UK.
Jun 1st - Instead of losing too much money, Nintendo supply constrained the console until it was profitable.