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Wii U News

Jul 25th - The team at Precursor Games have relaunched the Shadow of the Eternals Kickstarter with a small goal and a PS4 stretch goal.
Jul 25th - Masahiro Sakurai explains why fighting characters are often not a good fit for the Super Smash Bros. universe.
Jul 24th - The Nintendo Wii U has finally reached 1 million units sold in Japan.
Jul 24th - Spin the Bottle: Bumpie's Party finally has a release date for the Nintendo eShop.
Jul 24th - A new trailer for Pikmin 3 shows off the rock pikmin and the KopPad functions for taking pictures.
Jul 24th - A look at Japanese software sales for the first half of 2013 shows Nintendo's domination of the region.
Jul 24th - Along with a new trailer released during Comic Con, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes now has a potential release date.
Jul 23rd - A new look at a level from Sonic Lost World is now available.
Jul 23rd - Nintendo has finally unveiled the official site for The Wonderful 101 ahead of the game's release.
Jul 23rd - Analyst says Nintendo's Wii U fall lineup will determine the fate of the console.
Jul 23rd - Nintendo currently offering up to 10% extra funds when you add money to your eShop wallet before July 28th.
Jul 23rd - Nintendo addresses why EarthBound was released at a premium price point last week.
Wii U sales increase
Jul 22nd - Wii U sales see a huge spike in Japan because of Pikmin 3.
Jul 22nd - Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams will make its way to the Wii U eShop in August pending Nintendo approval.
wii u 3ds
Jul 22nd - Nintendo's marketing campaign continues with tours across the UK beginning this month.
Jul 22nd - Nintendo's stock is on the rise, with a 4% increase that can be attributed to multiple factors.
Jul 22nd - Wii U Daily is giving away a copy of Pikmin 3 on our Google+ page, read more to find out how to win!