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Wii U News

Jan 31st - Sakurai has revealed Lucario for the new Super Smash Bros. game.
Wii U eShop
Jan 31st - January 30th through February 13th get 60% off all other games if you own one in the collection.
Jan 31st - Nintendo president Satoru Iwata discusses Nintendo's past as well as its future in a recent interview.
quick start menu wii u
Jan 31st - Concept video details how you'll be able to start games twice as fast.
Jan 30th - Nintendo talks about bringing DS games onto the Wii U Virtual Console.
Jan 30th - Dreamcast developer talks about porting game to Nintendo consoles.
Jan 30th - Gibson mentions that Nintendo are implementing a fast start up of the Gamepad designed to access off-tv play quickly.
Jan 30th - Sakurai released a new Super Smash Bros screenshot on Miiverse today!
Iwata Wii U
Jan 30th - Iwata announces Nintendo could begin to offer flexible price points for their loyal customers.
Jan 30th - Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has outlined a new direction for Nintendo's business strategy.
Jan 29th - SnowCastle Games will be relaunching their Festival of Magic Kickstarter on February 20th.
Jan 29th - Several Warner Bros. Interactive titles are on sale this week on the Nintendo eShop.
Jan 29th - NES Remix title update now allows support for the Pro Controller and other controllers.
donkey kong tropical freeze
Jan 29th - DKC: Tropical Freeze does not utilize the second screen of the Wii U in any way except for off TV play.
Wii U console
Jan 29th - Here's a look at Japanese software and hardware sales for last week.
Jan 29th - Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has announced a pay cut for himself, Miyamoto, and board directors for the company due to poor performance last quarter.
Jan 29th - Nintendo has announced plans to reacquire 10 million shares of its own stock after a weak financial report.