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Wii U News

May 12th - The Nintendo Minute crew goes behind the scenes with Splatoon's single player mode to give us a taste of what to expect on May 29.
May 12th - Nintendo has announced that it will be discussing their E3 plans tomorrow.
May 12th - Amazon is offering a well-reviewed third-party GameCube adapter for super cheap, should you still need one for Smash.
May 12th - Yoshi's Woolly World has tons of different patterns for you to collect for Yoshi, including some never before seen!
May 11th - Satoru Iwata has reiterated that the company will not be discussing the NX or their plans for smart phones at E3 this year.
May 11th - The Japanese commercial for Splatoon does a much better job of engaging people who might not know what Splatoon is.
May 11th - Amazon has dated Legend of Kay for June 30th release, with just a $24.99 price point. Will you be picking it up?
May 10th - Splatoon has a pretty cool Miiverse feature.
May 10th - The Wii U will stay region-locked, but the upcoming console might not.
May 9th - The custom Nintendo 64 console is a work of art.
May 8th - Xenoblade Chronicles X has been out in Japan for a week now, contributing to a strong sales week for the Wii U.
May 8th - Nintendo has sold 10.5 million amiibo since launching late last year alongside Super Smash Bros.
May 8th - Iwata briefly discussed the replacement for Club Nintendo in yesterday's investor meeting, outlining plans for both mobile and home consoles.
Wii U eShop launch games
May 7th - The Splatoon test demo is now live on the Wii U eShop, but there are other games launching this week, too!
May 7th - If you haven't pre-ordered Splatoon yet, doing so at GameStop will get you unique Splatoon DLC for Super Smash Bros. on Wii U!
May 7th - Nintendo has announced a partnership with Universal Resorts to bring Nintendo-themed attractions to its various theme parks.
May 7th - Nintendo is making a Splatoon demo available today, so get to the Wii U eShop to download it!