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Wii U News

Apr 27th - A new trailer for Pokken Tournament brings Gengar into the fight.
Apr 26th - Black Ops 3 will not be coming to the Wii U, developer confirms.
Apr 24th - Watch the Xenoblade Chronicles X presentation live right here on Wii U Daily!
Apr 24th - Natsume's community manager says that Nintendo is likely done releasing SNES games on the Wii U virtual console.
Apr 24th - Several retail employees have been seeing the silver Mario amiibo system pop up in their inventory over the past few days.
Apr 24th - Nintendo has showcased the exclusive amiibo costumes you'll get for each of the three Splatoon-specific amiibos.
Apr 24th - Mewtwo's debut was not without several bugs, thankfully Nintendo of Japan has released a patch today to fix them.
Apr 23rd - Splatoon producer details why there's no form of communication in Splatoon multiplayer, despite players asking for it.
Apr 23rd - Along with today's DLC update and the 200cc mode comes support for several new amiibo so your racer can dress in true Nintendo style.
Wii U eShop launch games
Apr 23rd - Get ready to race at 200cc, because Mario Kart 8 DLC Pack 2 is releasing today!
Apr 23rd - Here's the full line-up of virtual console games that will be supported by the Amiibo Tap app coming soon.
Apr 23rd - Nintendo of America has announced a showcase for Xenoblade Chronicles X this Friday.
Apr 22nd - Mario Kart 8 drops to number nineteen on the charts this week as Wii U sales remain as steady as ever.
Apr 22nd - Splatoon producer says the team is excited about supporting the game after launch, but launch is the main focus right now.
Apr 22nd - Check out this behind the scenes video with the Guitar Hero Live creative director, who discusses the controller changes and more.
Apr 22nd - Sonic Boom wasn't the original title for the Sonic reboot game and the character designs were decidedly less lanky than what showed up in the final version of Sonic...
Apr 22nd - The new Xenoblade Chronicles X trailer from Nintendo of Japan showcases the Dolls within the game, which are mechs you can pilot around the world.