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Wii U News

Jan 22nd - Image & Form give us a look at new character designs for their upcoming game, SteamWorld Heist.
Jan 22nd - Koei Tecmo's vice president discusses the future of hybrid games like Hyrule Warriors and what he'd like to do with a Mario crossover game.
Jan 21st - New screenshots and character designs from the Splatoon devs showcase the headgear shop and its proprietor.
Nintendo dominates Japan
Jan 21st - Wii U sales have dropped back to their pre-holiday levels in Japan, with just 8k sold this week.
Jan 21st - Former Nintendo executive Dan Adelman discusses the third party problem for Nintendo's platforms and says it's partly Nintendo's own fault.
Jan 21st - Walmart is offering select amiibo for only $9 with free shipping if you spend more than $50 in an order.
Jan 20th - Apex head tournament organizer Alex Strife has stepped down amid several allegations of sexual harassment from members of the Smash community.
Jan 20th - GameFly is showing a page for Terraria on Wii U, listing the game as coming soon.
Jan 20th - Despite announcing the closure of the Club Nintendo program earlier today, Nintendo has debuted its January game collection for Club Nintendo members.
Sonic Boom 15
Jan 20th - The hefty 1GB patch that was released in Europe last week is now available to all North American Sonic Boom owners.
Jan 20th - Club Nintendo is closing and games shipping this year will no longer have redeemable codes. Nintendo says the program will be replaced by something else, with no hints as...
Jan 19th - Homebrew developers have devised a way to run GameCube on the Wii U, called Nintendont.
Jan 19th - The team behind Xenoblade Chronicles X has already begun translating the game from Japanese into English.
Jan 19th - A quick video uploaded to YouTube shows that Wii downloadable titles can read save files ported to the Wii U in a system transfer.
Jan 19th - The Splatoon developers give a closer look at the character who manages the weapons shop, and the interface you'll use to interact with him.
Jan 18th - A nifty fan-made chart shows the complete Amiibo game compatibility.
Jan 17th - Wii U ended 2014 strongly, with record hardware and software sales.