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Wii U News

Aug 4th - The reward games for August are now up on the Club Nintendo page, featuring games like Super Mario Bros. 2 and Excite Bike.
Aug 4th - Sakurai reveals a new assist trophy for Super Smash Bros., featuring a character previously released only in Japan.
Aug 4th - The Nintendo Network will be undergoing maintenance today shortly before the Nintendo Direct goes live.
Aug 4th - Dan Adelman has announced that he is leaving Nintendo of America.
Aug 3rd - The new Monopoly game is coming exclusively to GameStop next month.
Aug 2nd - Insane policy at GameStop in Philadelphia now requires gamers to provide their fingerprints when trading in games.
Aug 2nd - Be sure and check out our forums for discussion about the upcoming Super Smash Bros. and Hyrule Warriors!
Aug 1st - Nintendo is seeking commentators for the Super Smash Bros. tournament that will be held at Gamescom this year.
Aug 1st - SteamWorld Dig will be releasing in August on the Wii U.
Aug 1st - Nintendo discusses why Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker was delayed for Europe only.
Aug 1st - Michel Ancel has formed a new studio, but will still head up Beyond Good & Evil 2 development at Ubisoft.
Aug 1st - Koei Tecmo has released a new Impa trailer showcasing her fighting style with the Naginata.
Jul 31st - Hyrule Warriors takes up around 8GB of space on the hard drive, not including DLC.
Wii U eShop launch games
Jul 31st - This week kicks off Nintendo's Mega Man game every week in August.
Jul 31st - Looking for a new t-shirt for your video game addiction? TeeFury has you covered today with Legend of Zelda shirts.
Jul 31st - Nintendo have announced that the Wii U virtual console will get one new Mega Man game each week of August.
Jul 31st - Today is your last chance to register Mario Kart 8 and receive a free game!