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Wii U News

Wind Waker HD Wii U
Oct 5th - While it took Nintendo only six months to port the game, it wasn't without challenges.
Sniper Elite 3 Logo
Oct 4th - The official Twitter account of Sniper Elite III has confirmed there are no plans to bring the game to Wii U for now.
Oct 4th - Pandora's Tower developer Ganbarion is helping co-develop the upcoming Wii Fit U.
Oct 4th - Dan Adelman talks about cross-buy on Nintendo platforms, stating the company is considering it but nothing is official.
Oct 4th - Sony Computer Entertainment's president of worldwide studios isn't afraid to admit he owns not one, but two Wii U consoles.
Sonic Wii U
Oct 4th - A large rumor for a new Sonic game is spreading, but the details are pretty sketchy at best.
Wii U eShop launch games
Oct 3rd - Here's a look at what you can expect on the Wii U eShop in the coming days across the world.
Oct 3rd - Aonuma talks about how he wants to change the Legend of Zelda series formula for the next Wii U release.
Oct 3rd - Capcom Europe will be making more than 50% of its staff redundant in an effort to restructure after heavy losses.
Oct 3rd - The IndieCade festival is taking place between Oct. 3-6 this year and Nintendo has a big presence.
black flag naval combat
Oct 3rd - Game director Ashraf Ismail discusses the AC team's source of inspiration for the Caribbean.
Oct 2nd - The GameFans podcast is live this week with plenty of news from the latest Nintendo Direct.
Oct 2nd - Amazon is currently offering Rayman Legends at a discounted price, along with several other notable Wii U titles.
Oct 2nd - Target is selling physical copies of Wind Waker HD and even Wind Waker HD Wii U bundles early.
Oct 2nd - Amazon is offering pre-order bonuses for Sonic Lost World, but they're not exactly great.
Oct 2nd - The PAL version of Wind Waker HD Limited Edition comes with a snazzy reversible cover, too.
Oct 2nd - Tom Clancy is a man well known for his books, but he also had an impact on many gamer's lives.