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Wii U News

Aug 8th - GameFans podcast episode 9 is now available, with discussion surrounding Left 4 Dead 3, Pikmin 3, and our gamer faces.
Aug 7th - Nintendo has announced a second Nintendo Direct this Friday for The Wonderful 101.
Aug 7th - Wind Waker HD receives a European release date while no date has been confirmed for North America yet.
Aug 7th - Nintendo have made a custom Animal Crossing Plaza for Wii U available for download for free through 2014.
Aug 7th - Satoru Iwata showed off the new Mario & Luigi costumes that will be available in Rayman Legends.
Aug 7th - Today during the Nintendo Direct, Satoru Iwata confirmed that Sonic Lost World will be coming on October 22nd.
Aug 7th - Watch the Nintendo Direct right here on Wii U Daily!
Aug 7th - A new trailer for Pokemon Rumble U shows off the fast paced battles you can expect from the game.
Aug 6th - Nintendo details its financial reports with a personal message from Satoru Iwata about the state of Nintendo's profits.
Aug 6th - Nintendo has been in the console business for 30 years now and has sold over 650 million to date.
Aug 6th - A new Nintendo Direct will be airing tomorrow to showcase upcoming Wii U and 3DS games.
Wii U deluxe
Aug 5th - Best Buy is currently offering $50 gift cards with the purchase of a Wii U Deluxe.
Wii GamePad
Aug 5th - Certain Target locations in Canada are now selling the 8GB Wii U Basic for $149.99.
Aug 5th - Semiconductor manufacturer Renesas Electronics is closing four plants, one of which was responsible for manufacturing Wii U eDRAM.
Aug 5th - A new rumor suggests that Sega might be looking to make a bid on Atlus once it goes up for auction.
pikmin 3
Aug 5th - The launch trailer for Pikmin 3 is now available for viewing.
Red Wii U
Aug 3rd - Nintendo expects 20 to 30 indie games to be released on the Wii U by holidays.