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Wii U News

Mar 6th - Europe is getting a special bundle for Mario Kart 8 that contains a spiny shell statue and the game.
watch dogs blume
Mar 6th - Watch Dogs will be coming May 27th to other consoles, while the Wii U version is still delayed with no release date.
Mar 5th - Two Tribes hints at bringing another of their classic games to the Wii U eShop.
Mar 5th - A new update to Miiverse now allows for commenting sorting by popularity on a specific date.
Mar 5th - New trailer shows off more gameplay from Pier Solar HD.
Child of Light Concept Art
Mar 5th - A new trailer from Ubisoft shows how Child of Light co-op works.
Mar 5th - DrinkBox Studios is bringing Guacamelee to the Wii U in a brand new suped up edition.
Mar 5th - Producer Kensuke Tanabe says Nintendo makes games for their own hardware and mobile controls are too difficult to create for platformers.
Mar 5th - The PlayStation 4 has dropped off in sales from launch week, while the Wii U continues to hold steady week over week.
Mar 4th - The Next Penelope is an interesting F-Zero style game that could potentially be releasing on Wii U.
Mar 4th - Phil Spencer discusses what makes Super Smash Bros. great.
Mar 4th - Speaking in an interview, Michael Kelbaugh says Retro Studios would love to work on the Metroid series again.
Mar 4th - Nintendo has teamed up with Pennzoil for a Mario Kart 8 event at this year's South by Southwest.
Mar 4th - Newegg is offering a $5 gift card with the pre-order of Mario Kart 8.
Mar 4th - eBay has an excellent deal on the Wii U Mario & Luigi bundle.
Mar 4th - Batman: Arkham Knight announced for new gen consoles and PC, excluding the Wii U.
Mar 4th - Retro gives high praise for the Wii U in a recent interview, confirms new game in development.