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Wii U News

Jul 16th - New Sonic Lost World trailer shows off Sonic's color-based powers.
Jul 16th - A new Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag trailer shows off the pirate life of Edward Kenway.
Jul 16th - Best Buy is currently offering the white Wii U Pro controller for half off in its deal of the day.
Wii U
Jul 16th - Amazon UK and retailer Asda have both slashed the price of the Wii U yet again.
Jul 16th - Shadow of the Eternals will return to Kickstarter on July 25th, this time with other platforms considered.
Jul 16th - Donkey Kong is the last game in Nintendo's $.30 virtual console promotion, available now.
Jul 15th - Wii U Daily is considering expanding our coverage to include 3DS news, but we want your opinion before this happens!
pikmin 3
Jul 15th - Nintendo has released the North American Pikmin 3 commercial to help advertise the game.
Jul 15th - Eiji Aonuma says he's getting tired of the current Legend of Zelda formula and hopes to mix it up for the next game.
Jul 15th - Nintendo is bringing a huge game line-up to Comic-Con this year.
Jul 15th - The platinum and gold status rewards for Club Nintendo have been announced!
pikmin 3
Jul 15th - If you live in the U.S. or Canada, you could be playing Pikmin 3 this weekend!
Jul 14th - If Nintendo releases popular first party titles this year, the Wii U still has a chance, according to Ubisoft.
Miyamoto Wii U
Jul 13th - Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto says that things haven't been easy for Nintendo and admits the Wii U isn't selling well.
Jul 12th - A livestream of the Japanese version of Pikmin 3 shows off some of the new gameplay features.
pikmin 3
Jul 12th - Check out this new gameplay trailer showing off the three travelers in Pikmin 3!
Jul 12th - Maxime Beland discusses how the Wii U is a great fit for Ubisoft's newest entry into the Splinter Cell franchise.