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Wii U News

Jan 8th - A new extended trailer has been released for Blok Drop U, showing off some of the gameplay mechanics.
Jan 7th - EnjoyUp has confirmed that Unepic will be releasing on the Wii U on January 16th.
Wii U sales increase
Jan 7th - Here's a look at Japanese software and hardware sales numbers for the final week of 2013.
Jan 6th - Shin'en developer Martin Sauter discusses his unannounced Wii U project.
Jan 6th - Here's a look at Nintendo's new headquarters that will house its unified console and handheld engineering department.
Anime access
Jan 6th - Over 10,000 streaming anime episodes on the Wii U, but only on the Japanese Wii U.
Eternal Darkness Wii U
Jan 6th - Nintendo have a few months to use the Eternal Darkness trademark or risk losing it.
Wii U sale
Jan 5th - German retailer Media Marks appears to be clearing out inventory in Belgium with huge discounts.
Hamamura Wii U
Jan 4th - Enterbrian President and former Famitsu editor in chief says the Wii U needs "killer games" to be "Resurrected".
Jan 3rd - Here's a look at our top ten predictions for the Wii U during the 2014 year.
Jan 3rd - Nintendo has officially announced the availability of Wii Fit U for retail stores.
Jan 3rd - According to an investment analyst tool, Nintendo's chance of failure is much less than Sony's.
Jan 3rd - Hope you managed to get it before it sold out, as 1500 coins is rich!
Wii U eShop launch games
Jan 2nd - Here's a look at the Nintendo deals and downloads for the week of January 2.
Jan 2nd - Nintendo changes the background music on the Wii U eShop in time for the new year.
Jan 2nd - A new trailer for Dr. Luigi shows off several new modes for the game.
Jan 2nd - A disappointing look at how the Wii Mini is being marketed in one retail location leads us to ask, was this commonplace over the holidays?