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Wii U Opinion

Aug 5th - The Hyrule Warriors Nintendo Direct is over. Are you excited for this game yet?
Jul 11th - The Letter released yesterday on the Wii U eShop and it is one of the worst games to date.
Jun 28th - Shovel Knight has been riding a wave of hype up to its release, but does it deliver?
Jun 24th - In a recent interview with Gameinformer, The Legend of Zelda developer Eiji Aonuma hinted at the possibility of multiplayer in the upcoming Zelda title for Wii U.
zelda screenshot 10
Jun 18th - Another week, another Zorpix Den! As the E3 buzz winds down, I'm gonna take a second to talk about a controversial topic that surrounded Nintendo's Zelda announcement.
Zorpix playing Wii U
Jun 11th - Inside you'll see a video (sorry!) of what I thought about all the E3 press conferences. You'll also finally be able to see my face!
Jun 10th - So all three console manufacturers have their E3 2014 press conferences in the books, and by now we've had a bit of time to let it all settle in....
zorpix bear
Jun 4th - I've played Mario Kart 8! Today's Zorpix Den will talk about my first impressions of the game. Also, check out the details for the Wii U Daily Tournament!
May 28th - Crash Nitro Kart did anti gravity before it was cool! In this week's Zorpix Den, we take a fun look at some of the innovative ideas in kart racers...
May 21st - For those of you who have had conversations with me in the past, you can probably guess how this week's Zorpix Den is going to end up.
May 17th - Apparently, Nintendo is on the verge of being racist with Mario Kart 8.
Wii Waznt you2
May 16th - John Zaccari explains why now is the time to join the Miiverse.
May 14th - We're wondering what you hope to see announced by Big N at the big show.
May 8th - Nintendo is still struggling and it's clear they're taking steps into territory they've never gone before: copying a competitor's product.
May 7th - This week's Zorpix Den cuts all the business type official talk I've been doing. It's time to talk about why you're all here. The games!
Iwata bananas
Apr 30th - Today's Zorpix Den touches on a topic that has recently been gaining popularity. Should Iwata stay president, or should someone else step in?
Apr 23rd - In this Zorpix Den, I'm mad! Nintendo hasn't given me much of a reason to fire up my Wii U recently, and here's why you should be mad too!