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Wii U Reviews

Drawing of Link from the zelda manga.
Feb 9th - Our review of The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Historia.
Jan 29th - Is Transformers Prime a trip back into nostalgia for fans, or does it fall flat on its face?
Jan 28th - Is the latest Call of Duty entry for Wii U an expensive expansion pack or can it standalone as a full-fledged release?
Jan 21st - The Wii U version fixes many of Ninja Gaiden 3's issues, but are these improvements enough?
Trine 2
Jan 13th - The biggest console version of Trine 2 available.
Controller Pro U
Jan 8th - The Wii U controller that claims to be a remote, classic controller and pro controller must infringe on several Nintendo patents. But is it any good?
Jan 3rd - Is Batman Arkham City Armored Edition the hero the Wii U needs?
puddle logo
Dec 29th - Our full review of messy physics-based puzzle-platformer Puddle on Wii U.
Nintendo Land
Dec 26th - Here is our full review of Nintendo Land for Wii U, Nintendo's latest party game.
Dec 23rd - Our full review of Chasing Aurora, the divisive bird-battling Wii U indie game.
Dec 21st - From gaming console to complete home entertainment solution, Nintendo's future could rely on the success of TVii
Nov 30th - Can ESPN Sports Connection fill the gaping hole in sports minigames left by Madden 2013?
Nov 27th - Our complete review of Madden 2013 for the Nintendo Wii U
New Super Mario Bros U review
Nov 22nd - We go in-depth with the most anticipated Wii U launch title.
Nov 21st - Complete review, including video, of the most highly anticipated game to launch on the Wii U.