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Wii U Rumors

May 1st - A reportedly reputable source has stated that the next Sonic game will be called Sonic Excursion.
Gme & Wario
Apr 30th - Wii U's upcoming micro-game collection might launch for $20 less than the standard RRP.
Apr 23rd - Recent rumours point to the real possibility of transferring purchases between console and handheld, plus more.
Crash Bandicoot Wii U
Mar 11th - Crash Bandicoot official site teases upcoming game for the Wii U and other platforms.
Feb 25th - Rayman creator Michael Ancel could be parting ways with Ubisoft over the delayed Rayman Legends.
link pad
Jan 21st - Strong indication that the developer of Batallion Wars 2 and Art Academy has something cooking for Wii U.
Jan 4th - Purchasing a used Wii U may come with an added bonus for now..
Jan 3rd - Could a new way to control your Wii U be in the works?
Dec 31st - New DLC advertisement hints at five new maps and a zombie mode for Black Ops 2.
Screen shot 2012-12-20 at 11.24.22 PM
Dec 20th - Frustrated with slow loading times on the Wii U? The solution may take longer than recent rumors suggest.
Dec 20th - A retailer in the UK has apparently begun selling Wii u GamePads individually.
Dec 18th - According to a new hacker group, the Wii U is close to getting hacked, allowing for homebrew applications and games.
Nov 29th - Wii U has a 3-core main processor that runs at just 1.2 GHz, according to a Wii hardware hacker.
Yoshi's Land Wii U
Nov 27th - Retailer listings indicate Nintendo is bringing Yoshi to the Wii U.
Wii U Games November 13th
Oct 17th - GameStop lists several games as available before console's release.
Wii U GamePad and GameCube
Oct 6th - New rumor suggests that Nintendo will bring GameCube games as downloadable titles to the Wii U.
Oct 4th - Nintendo believes that Miiverse, Wii U's social network, is one of its most important aspects.