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Wii U Rumors

Wii U specs
Jul 6th - A new set of Wii U specs rumors suggest a tri-core CPU, 1.5 GB of RAM, and a powerful GPU with modern features.
Wii U eShop
Jun 19th - Nintendo wants publishers to release games digitally on the Wii U eShop, and is offering insane incentives to do so.
Grand Theft Auto 5 Wii U
Jun 16th - The Grand Theft Auto 5 Wii U version might not happen, according to Take Two CEO. Rockstar parent
Wii U price
Jun 4th - Nintendo has said that they won’t reveal the Wii U price nor launch date at E3, but new
wii u achievements
Jun 2nd - The Wii U will be getting achievements, cloud storage, social networking, avatars, and much more, according to a
Diablo 3 Wii U
Jun 1st - All aboard the E3 hype train! According to latest pre-E3 rumors, Blizzard is working on two Wii U
Wii U controller render 2
May 30th - There has been some going back and forth on whether the Nintendo Wii U would support two tablet
Wii U Dev Kit features
May 28th - According to tipsters over at the NeoGAF forums, the current Wii U dev kits have received a few
May 28th - A report obtained by Wii U Daily suggests that the Nintendo Wii U CPU is based on the
Wii U operating system
May 26th - The Wii U operating system is set to be the biggest ever seen on a home gaming console,
Rabbids Party Land rumor
May 23rd - We’ve previously reported that Ubisoft might be working on Rabbids Party Land for the Wii U, and now
Wii U Gamer Card
May 22nd - Nintendo has been toying with the idea of adding a “Gamer Card” to the list of Wii U
Wii U controller
May 19th - The Wii U controller has undergone some changes, according to a new leak. An image of the Wii
Wii U cloud
May 14th - Nintendo will be adding a Wii U cloud storage feature for the new console sometime in 2013, according
Wii U concept
May 13th - Some new Wii U concept art has been leaked by an online survey company, who also justified earlier
Unreal Engine 4 for Wii U
May 10th - The Unreal Engine 4 on Wii U might be a reality, according to new, and somewhat far fetched
Wii U dev kit
May 8th - According to a posting on forum NeoGAF — which tends to post lots and lots of rumors, some