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Sep 23rd - Looking forward to Hyrule Warriors this week? So are we! Win a copy from Wii U Daily and LeapTrade!
Sep 1st - Wii U Daily is celebrating Labor Day today, so why don't you join us?
Jul 23rd - Wii U Daily has a new design that accommodates any size device, let us know what you think!
Jun 14th - We'd like to thank all of our readers over the years for their amazing support.
Mar 4th - Been looking for the best way to follow Wii U Daily while on the go? Good news: the Wii U Daily Android App is now available for download on...
Jan 1st - From the entire staff here at Wii U Daily, we wish you a happy and safe New Year!
Dec 25th - From the staff of Wii U Daily to our readers, we'd like to wish you happy holidays!
Nov 18th - Here's the final winner for the Wii U Daily MEGA Contest, with these four in the running for the Wii U console gift card!
Teamwork No. 1
Nov 11th - You may have seen our sister sites PS4 Daily and Xbox One Daily are seeking contributors (here and
Nov 11th - We're wrapping up week 3 of our MEGA contest here on Wii U Daily, but be sure to check back tomorrow for our final contest question!
Nov 5th - Our MEGA contest is just getting started so pop in and tell us your favorite Super Smash Bros. story for a chance to win!
Nov 4th - Wii U Daily, as well as our sister sites PS4Daily and Xbox One Daily recently announced a MEGA CONTEST for our readers.
Oct 22nd - We're excited to see a new console generation kick off and to celebrate, we're giving you a chance to win a brand new Wind Waker HD Wii U bundle...
Oct 19th - Wii U Daily reaches another milestone.
Sep 28th - I hope you’ve all been listening to the GameFans Podcast featuring our dear WiiUDaily editor Ashley King, as
Mar 5th - We've got a new comment system that allows user moderation for comments that are inciteful and trolling.
Feb 26th - Thanks to all our readers for sticking with us over the past 20 months. We couldn't have done it without you!