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Sep 24th - Nintendo of Japan will be hosting another Fatal Frame livestream for Japan this week.
Jul 26th - New bundle with New Super Mario U and New Super Luigi U drops to just $260.
Screen Shot 2014-02-08 at 7.08.51 PM
Feb 8th - Watch this awesome video where 5 guys use only bottles and their breath to recreate a musical mashup featuring 9 classic gaming songs.
Jan 28th - Varia Games has a Kickstarter up for ReVen and one of the stretch goals includes Wii U support.
F1 Race stars Wii U
Jan 16th - F1 Race Stars released on the Wii U eShop today.
Wii U GamePad Battery
Dec 21st - New battery retails for $32 and boosts GamePad play time to 8 hours.
Sep 29th - Maintenance for September 30th will last nine hours instead of the standard four.
Jul 29th - Miyamoto and his team are considering adding new missions and maps to Pikmin 3.
Jul 17th - Pikmin 3 is a huge system seller in Japan after only two days on the market for current sales statistics.
pikmin 3
Jul 15th - If you live in the U.S. or Canada, you could be playing Pikmin 3 this weekend!
Jul 9th - Broken Rules have unveiled their new game set in the Chasing Aurora universe, called Secrets of Raetikon.
3D World
Jul 8th - The purpose behind 3D World, plus a third adventure through the galaxy may not be far away.
Pilotwings 2
Jul 2nd - Take to the skies on the Wii U this week with the original Pilotwings!
best buy logo
Jun 10th - Are these the games you'll be demoing at your local Best Buy during this year's E3?
Jun 3rd - Precursor's upcoming title may not be exclusive to one home console.
Wii and Wii U
Feb 14th - A developer shares his thoughts on Nintendo's latest console, and they're rather refreshing.
Feb 4th - More details about the main villain and vehicle combat are revealed in Lego City: Undercover's newest trailer.