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Wii U Video

Jul 17th - Looks pretty cool in the first gameplay trailer.
Jul 12th - Featuring local and online multiplayer.
Jul 2nd - Still 720p and 30 fps. Still very impressive.
tokyo review thumb
Jul 1st - It's Showtime! Think the pop idol life is for you? Then check out our review for Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE.
Jun 26th - Fun combat, Link climbing trees, and more
Jun 23rd - One of the early Kickstarter darlings, Mighty No. 9, has finally released after a dramatic development cycle. With reviews for the game skewing heavily negative, were supporters scammed?
Jun 22nd - No, there still is no Zika virus mini-game
Jun 21st - And no anti-aliasing or anisotropic filtering.
Jun 15th - And it's direct feed gameplay, and it's awesome.
Jun 14th - The first 20 minutes of gameplay.
Jun 14th - And it looks stunning.
pokemon console
May 13th - Fans have been requesting a main series Pokémon game on home consoles for decades now. With the NX on the horizon, is it time to make it a reality?
May 11th - The Ice Climbers duo Nana and Popo are coming to Super Mario Maker starting tomorrow!
May 9th - With consumers already being nickled and dimed for DLC and deluxe versions of video games to get a complete experience, should games just cost more money instead?
lost reav
May 3rd - Does Nathan Drake have some competition from the new treasure hunters in town?
Apr 30th - Funny man is not good at Mario Kart.
worst ever
Apr 29th - With Nintendo delaying the next Legend of Zelda game to 2017 and the NX confirmed to launch next year as well, is 2016 shaping up to be Nintendo's worst...