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Wii U Video

Mar 26th - One enterprising Sonic fan has transformed the Sonic amiibo into classic Sonic from the early Genesis days.
Mar 25th - New Splatoon video showcases just how fast respawn and getting back into play are for the game.
Mar 24th - Nintendo invited a few of the PlayBoy Playmates to come check out Splatoon while recording their play session for all to see.
Mar 23rd - A hands on preview with Splatoon has left one reviewer saying Splatoon is the best console shooter in years.
Mar 22nd - Nintendo releases the final Mario Party 10 trailer.
Mar 10th - Check out the coverage and attack patterns of the paint roller in Splatoon, it's devastating!
Mar 4th - Curve Digital is teaming up with Ludo Land to develop the console version of the upcoming puzzle platformer, Four Sided Fantasy.
Mar 1st - New Mario Party 10 gameplay videos show lots of promise.
Feb 22nd - Nintendo should take inspiration from this and add it to Mario Kart.
wii u daily black characters
Feb 7th - To celebrate Black History Month, let's talk about some of the greatest black characters in video game history.
Jan 15th - Yesterday's Nintendo Direct focused on the New Nintendo 3DS with little Wii U news. Overall, the fan responses seemed rather mixed. Let's talk about it.
Jan 14th - During today's Nintendo Direct, Nintendo offered a long peek into the world of Xenoblade Chronicles X.
Jan 9th - Can Chariot outrun the sea of competition in the indie platformer scene? Or will the wheels fall off?
Jan 4th - Someone has beaten Ocarina Of Time is just 18 minutes, setting a new record.
Review image
Dec 22nd - Does Nintendo strike gold with Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker or are we left with a handful of coal?
Dec 14th - A new Nintendo commercial might have unveiled a redesigned GamePad controller.
legend of zelda gameplay the game awards
Dec 5th - Wow. Throughout The Game Awards, Reggie continuously said Nintendo would be bringing a bombshell, and while I had personally