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Wii U Video

pokemon console
May 13th - Fans have been requesting a main series Pokémon game on home consoles for decades now. With the NX on the horizon, is it time to make it a reality?
May 11th - The Ice Climbers duo Nana and Popo are coming to Super Mario Maker starting tomorrow!
May 9th - With consumers already being nickled and dimed for DLC and deluxe versions of video games to get a complete experience, should games just cost more money instead?
lost reav
May 3rd - Does Nathan Drake have some competition from the new treasure hunters in town?
Apr 30th - Funny man is not good at Mario Kart.
worst ever
Apr 29th - With Nintendo delaying the next Legend of Zelda game to 2017 and the NX confirmed to launch next year as well, is 2016 shaping up to be Nintendo's worst...
Apr 29th - Check out this trailer for Super Meat Boy, coming to the Wii U soon.
Apr 27th - Nintendo had a lot to say on social media last night, announcing a March launch for the NX, and a dual release for The Legend of Zelda.
Apr 24th - While reviews for Star Fox Zero haven't been favorable, this game is probably better than you think.
Apr 21st - YouTuber Vince Dantoro has created an amazing celebration of The Legend of Zelda series over the course of the last 30 years.
Apr 15th - Watch this Super Mario Bros. world record run as Twitch user Darbian shaves milliseconds off his former best!
Apr 10th - Video analysis shows the game doesn't always run at 60 fps.
Apr 5th - Take a look at this video comparison of three major Star Fox games to see how the series has evolved into Star Fox Zero.
Mar 30th - Nintendo has released a brand new Star Fox Zero TV spot. The 30-second ad is mainly comprised of
Feb 26th - Find out the story behind Link turning into a wolf.
Feb 24th - Twilight Princess creators look back at the game and the amazing E3 2004 trailer.
Feb 24th - This video should be enough to convince you to get the game. Or not.