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Wii U Video

Nov 26th - With the Wii U seemingly on its last legs, and the NX possibly coming as soon as a year from now, should people still consider buying a Wii U...
Physical Thumb
Nov 20th - The rise of digital gaming offers numerous conveniences, but many of us still want physical copies of our games. Why?
Nov 15th - The official Japanese website reveals lots of new gameplay footage.
Nov 14th - Wii U sales up 40% compared to the same period last year.
Nov 14th - Upper middle class families love their Wii U more than anything, apparently.
Nintendo direct 11.12
Nov 13th - After months with no Nintendo Directs, did the big N come back in a big way?
Nov 5th - The new update to Super Mario Maker came with some hidden surprises as well.
Nov 3rd - The Peanuts Movie game tie-in, Snoopy's Grand Adventure is out now for Wii U and other platforms.
Nov 3rd - A new Pokken Tournament trailer has been released, revealing a new character at the end to be a new form of Mewtwo.
Nov 2nd - Watch this amazing fan-made short of Jessica Chobot as Samus Aran.
Oct 27th - Check out the latest trailer for Telltale Games' Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 2, entitled Assembly Required.
Oct 22nd - The newest update to Splatoon has put the hammer to several glitches including one on Hammerhead Bridge.
Oct 20th - We haven't heard a lot from Nintendo about Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival, but this hands-on will give you an idea of what the gameplay is like.
Oct 20th - One of the things Super Mario Maker is missing is checkpoints, but several players have made a clever workaround.
Oct 18th - Yoshi's Woolly World's level of cuteness must be experienced to be believed.
Oct 17th - Nintendo celebrates Yoshi's Woolly World North American launch with a new trailer.
Oct 12th - Nintendo UK has debuted a story trailer for Fatal Frame 5, giving us our first look at English language gameplay.