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It’s been a while since we’ve heard any news about the arcade mashup between Pokemon and the Tekken series. The game is slated to hit arcades all over Japan sometime this year and likely depending on performance, Nintendo will decide whether or not to produce a Wii U version of the game. That being said, so far we’ve only seen Lucario and Machamp locked in battle. A newly released trailer showcases Gengar as a playable character for the upcoming fighter series.

Players have asked whether other Pokemon not considered fighters would make an appearance and while the answer has always been yes, the only other Pokemon seen was Pikachu. You can check out some of Gengar’s moves in the reveal trailer above, where he quickly puts several Pokemon to rest.

Are you still interested in seeing this game brought to the West?

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Black Ops 3 revealed, not coming to Wii U http://wiiudaily.com/2015/04/black-ops-3-revealed-not-coming-to-wii-u/ http://wiiudaily.com/2015/04/black-ops-3-revealed-not-coming-to-wii-u/#comments Sun, 26 Apr 2015 19:53:47 +0000 http://wiiudaily.com/?p=34513 Black-Ops-3_Ramses-Station_Under-Siege

Call of Duty factory Activision today announced the newest entry in their popular first person shooter series: Black Ops 3. The newest Call of Duty game will be set in the near-future, it’ll include a bunch of new features. And it won’t be coming to the Wii U.

So far Black Ops 3 has been confirmed only for PC, PS4, and Xbox One — it won’t even be coming to the PS3 or Xbox 360. Some had hoped to see Black Ops 3 on the Wii U, since Black Ops 2 was released on the Wii U back in 2012.

Developer Treyarch’s Mark Lumia said that “We’re working on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. That’s it”, ruling out any hope for Wii U gamers. Black Ops 3 launches this November and will likely be one of the biggest games of the year, just like previous Call of Duty games.

But, look at it from the good side: at least Wii U owners will be spared from being called fa**ots by raging 12-year olds.

For more on the game, check out PS4Daily’s Black Ops 3 PS4 Preview.

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5 cool secrets in the new Mario Kart 8 DLC Pack 2 http://wiiudaily.com/2015/04/5-cool-secrets-in-the-new-mario-kart-8-dlc-pack-2/ http://wiiudaily.com/2015/04/5-cool-secrets-in-the-new-mario-kart-8-dlc-pack-2/#comments Sat, 25 Apr 2015 19:00:28 +0000 http://wiiudaily.com/?p=34507

Mario Kart 8 DLC Pack 2 is now available and offers players a lot more content, such as karts, maps, and characters.

But Nintendo also hid some cool secrets in DLC Pack 2 around the various tracks, and the guys from GameXplain did a good job at finding the secrets, which you can see in the video above.

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Mario Kart 8 DLC Pack 2 includes 3 new characters, 4 new karts, and 8 new maps. Additionally, Nintendo included the 200cc mode, which is available for free to all players and on all maps.

The DLC Pack 2 can now be purchased on the Wii U eShop for $8. If you haven’t got the first DLC pack, you can grab them both for just 12 bucks.

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Watch the Xenoblade Chronicles X presentation live! http://wiiudaily.com/2015/04/watch-the-xenoblade-chronicles-x-presentation-live/ http://wiiudaily.com/2015/04/watch-the-xenoblade-chronicles-x-presentation-live/#comments Fri, 24 Apr 2015 18:14:52 +0000 http://wiiudaily.com/?p=34504

Eager to see more about the upcoming Xenoblade Chronicles X? Well tune in, because Nintendo has finally decided to showcase an English presentation to tell us more information about the game.

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Natsume says Nintendo’s interest in SNES releases on Wii U has dried up http://wiiudaily.com/2015/04/super-nintendo-wii-u-natsume/ http://wiiudaily.com/2015/04/super-nintendo-wii-u-natsume/#comments Fri, 24 Apr 2015 18:05:02 +0000 http://wiiudaily.com/?p=34501 virtual-console-nintendo-header

Some of the first games released on the Wii U virtual console were SNES games, but according to a Natsume representative, it’s unlikely that Nintendo will be releasing future SNES games now that their attention has shifted to releasing Nintendo 64 and Nintendo DS games. A Natsume representative confirmed that several SNES games from the company are ready for release, but that Nintendo’s lack of interest may keep them from ever seeing light on the Wii U virtual console.

In response to whether these games would ever hit the Wii U in the US, here’s what Cee-Cee, Natsume’s Community Manager had to say:

At this point, it’s unlikely we’ll see any other Natsume SNES games coming to the Virtual Console, as Nintendo’s interest has moved onto other classic systems. If it’s not up now, it’s not coming.

The publisher and Nintendo discuss which classic titles would be a good fit and have the best potential to sell. Once a title is agreed upon, Nintendo and the publisher work together to bring that title to the designated system, with Nintendo doing the bulk of the work.

The focus on Nintendo 64 games has been something gamers have been asking for for a very long time, but likely not at the expense of other classic systems.

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Fred Meyer retail system says silver Mario amiibo coming May 29 http://wiiudaily.com/2015/04/silver-mario-may-29-fred-meyer/ http://wiiudaily.com/2015/04/silver-mario-may-29-fred-meyer/#comments Fri, 24 Apr 2015 16:29:38 +0000 http://wiiudaily.com/?p=34497 silver-mario-amiibo

The Gold Mario amiibo kicked up quite a stir when it showed up as a Walmart exclusive shortly before it was announced. Many were worried that the silver Mario amiibo might also be a store exclusive, but that doesn’t appear to be the case thanks to a recent report from a few retail employees on the amiibo sub-reddit. The original post is from a Fred Meyer employee who found a SKU for the silver Mario amiibo to be listed in stores on May 29. This led some to wonder if the Kroger-backed outlet would be the exclusive partner for the amiibo in the United States, especially considering the chain is focused more in the Western half of the United States.

Later on, a Target employee showed up with the same information, confirming a May 29 release date for the silver Mario amiibo in Target stores as well. Target has a much more national brand appeal, but given that the amiibo also turned up in a Fred Meyer system, it seems like the silver Mario amiibo won’t be a retailer exclusive.

That’s good news for collectors, but will you be picking one of these up?

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Check out the amiibo-exclusive Splatoon costumes http://wiiudaily.com/2015/04/amiibo-exclusive-gear-splatoon/ http://wiiudaily.com/2015/04/amiibo-exclusive-gear-splatoon/#comments Fri, 24 Apr 2015 15:20:21 +0000 http://wiiudaily.com/?p=34492 splatoon-boy-amiibo

With the release of Splatoon, Nintendo is releasing three amiibo figures for the new franchise, including a boy, girl, and a unique squid amiibo. Each amiibo will have a unique costume associated with it, so if you want to unlock all of the special pieces, you’ll need one of each of the amiibos. Up until now we haven’t seen the special costumes, but the Nintendo Splatoon website has updated to showcase what you’ll get from each of the three amiibo.

The squid amiibo seems to offer some sort of robot/cyborg costume, while the girl amiibo offers a traditional school girl outfit with a huge sniper rifle. The boy amiibo seems to offer a samurai costume with a custom paint roller of some type, so the gear that you get from the amiibo are actually pretty unique. Of course, the amiibo are now available to pre-order from several different locations, including the 3-Pack.



Which costume is your favorite?

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New Smash update fixes Mewtwo’s bugs http://wiiudaily.com/2015/04/mewtwo-super-smash-bros-bug-fix/ http://wiiudaily.com/2015/04/mewtwo-super-smash-bros-bug-fix/#comments Fri, 24 Apr 2015 14:25:27 +0000 http://wiiudaily.com/?p=34490 super-smash-bros-4-mewtwo

If you were one of the lucky people who got to play with Mewtwo early thanks to getting both the Wii U and the 3DS versions of Super Smash Bros., you may have been slightly disappointed with his appearance in the game. Some Smash players were reporting multiple problems when using Mewtwo in certain modes, or playing with him online.

Last week we got an update from Nintendo of Japan saying they were working on the issue. Today, that fix went live for both the Wii U and the 3DS versions of the game. This 1.0.7 fix for Super Smash Bros. fixes all of the problems people encountered while playing with Mewtwo online and in the various gameplay modes. The update is only 21MB on the Wii U and 1700 blocks on the 3DS. If Mewtwo is one of your favorites, you’ll be happy to know that he’s fixed for everyone, now.

Did you ever encounter any of the bugs people described while using Mewtwo?

http://wiiudaily.com/2015/04/mewtwo-super-smash-bros-bug-fix/feed/ 0 http://wiiudaily.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/super-smash-bros-4-mewtwo-200x120.png
Nintendo continues to nail DLC with Mario Kart 8 [VIDEO] http://wiiudaily.com/2015/04/mk8-dlc/ http://wiiudaily.com/2015/04/mk8-dlc/#comments Thu, 23 Apr 2015 22:59:28 +0000 http://wiiudaily.com/?p=34485 Being one of the later adopters of DLC, Nintendo continues to surprise me with how well they deliver add-ons to their games. Not only are Mario Kart 8 players able to purchase the newest Animal Crossing DLC offering today, but all owners can receive the 200cc race update for free which totally changes up the game. Both are great reasons to get back behind the wheel. Check out the video below.

Are you currently playing the Animal Crossing DLC and 200cc mode in Mario Kart 8? Share your experiences in the comments.

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Splatoon developer discusses the lack of communication in-game http://wiiudaily.com/2015/04/splatoon-developer-discusses-the-lack-of-communication-in-game/ http://wiiudaily.com/2015/04/splatoon-developer-discusses-the-lack-of-communication-in-game/#comments Thu, 23 Apr 2015 18:25:48 +0000 http://wiiudaily.com/?p=34481 splatoon-hot-blaster

One of the more contentious aspects of upcoming third-person shooter Splatoon is the fact that Nintendo has not included any means to communicate with your team. Fans who are used to traditional shooters like Call of Duty and Battlefield are used to being able to talk to their teammates during rounds in order to establish strategy and yes, hurl insults about everyone’s mom. It’s precisely that last reason that Nintendo has decided that “feelings-based” communication is not needed in Splatoon because strategy communication is already available through your actions.

Producer Hisashi Nogami spoke with USGamer about the lack of communication in the game and stated that communication in these types of games is divided into two categories: strategy and feelings.

In terms of communication in games in general, there are two main types: communication about strategy, and communication about feelings you have while playing at that moment. When that point is applied to this game, one interesting aspect of Splatoon is that the actions you take shooting ink can immediately be seen in the stage you’re playing by yourself and other players, and conversely when you see the actions other players are taking shooting ink, it’s something you can interpret immediately and then base your next actions on that and judging what that means. That’s an important part of the gameplay in Splatoon.

In designing the game, we paid special attention to allowing the gameplay to cover a lot of ground for that kind of strategic communication. However we definitely understand the importance players put on that other type of communication that’s more feelings-based.

And so because we understand that desire for players to have that kind of emotional communication, we can imagine players using some way or another to achieve that extra layer of communication while playing the game.

So Nogami believes that simply inking your surroundings is enough communication of strategy while playing online and if you do want to crack wise on someone’s mother, you’ll have to find another way to communicate because Nintendo won’t be providing that once the game launches on May 29.

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