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It looks like Kmart decided to start its Black Friday deals a little early, as the retailer is currently having a huge sale on nearly all video games. Checking the website you can see several deals, including Wii Fit U and meter for only $20, as well as several deals on newly released games for other consoles like Dragon Age: Inquisition and Middle Earth: Shadows of Mordor. Be sure to check out these deals to see which are still available.

If you’re still looking for more deals, be sure to check out our Wii U Black Friday deals page, where we’ve outlined what every retailer will have available for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Wii U Deals

Nintendo 3DS Deals

Other Consoles

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Super Smash Bros. for Wii U has some hilarious glitches http://wiiudaily.com/2014/11/super-smash-bros-for-wii-u-has-some-hilarious-glitches/ http://wiiudaily.com/2014/11/super-smash-bros-for-wii-u-has-some-hilarious-glitches/#comments Mon, 24 Nov 2014 16:48:57 +0000 http://wiiudaily.com/?p=32315

With Super Smash Bros. for Wii U firmly in the hands of North America, it’s no surprise that glitch videos are starting to pop up all over YouTube. Take the above example, where we can see several characters glitching out during rendering, giving them warped features and limbs twisted.

No doubt several of these issues will be fixed, but it’s still hilarious to see them in action, especially the Samus and Yoshi glitches. Have you experienced any glitches during your time playing the game this weekend? Let us know in the comments!

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A fire has been reported at one of Nintendo UK’s repair warehouses http://wiiudaily.com/2014/11/a-fire-has-been-reported-at-one-of-nintendo-uks-repair-warehouses/ http://wiiudaily.com/2014/11/a-fire-has-been-reported-at-one-of-nintendo-uks-repair-warehouses/#comments Mon, 24 Nov 2014 15:23:27 +0000 http://wiiudaily.com/?p=32313 nintendo-wii-u-logo

Last week a fire ravaged a warehouse used by Nintendo UK’s customer repair partner, affecting a number of UK customers who sent devices in to be repaired. The fire occurred in Repair Tech’s warehouse and is a company that Nintendo UK used in order to fulfill many customer repairs. According to a Nintendo representative, the warehouse was only used for UK based product repairs and did not contain any stock that would be lost in the fire.

Nintendo UK only used the warehouse for UK based product repairs and storing of associated repairs equipment, it did not contain stock that would at any point be sent to a retailer for sale to the public. We are pleased to confirm that no one was hurt.

Nintendo has confirmed that customers who had hardware or software in for repair that was affected by the fire will be offered free replacements, as well as free eShop credit in order to make up for the inconvenience. It’s always nice to see Nintendo being classy when something outside of its control affects customers.

The cause of the fire remains unknown.

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eBay reveals a couple of Wii U deals for Black Friday http://wiiudaily.com/2014/11/wii-u-ebay-deal/ http://wiiudaily.com/2014/11/wii-u-ebay-deal/#comments Sun, 23 Nov 2014 16:49:31 +0000 http://wiiudaily.com/?p=32303 eBay's reveals a couple of Wii U deals on Black Friday

Black Friday is next week and online auction juggernaut eBay as announced that it will be offering some Wii U deals. In addition to discounted Wii U games, the company will also sell a Wii U bundle.

The Wii U bundle, priced at $260, includes a 32 GB Deluxe console, and two games: Nintendo Land and New Super Mario 3D World. But if you’re willing to wait, there’s an even better deal:

On Cyber Monday, eBay will offer the 32 GB Deluxe Wii U with a copy of Nintendo Land and Super Smash Bros. This bundle will retail for $250.

These are certainly better deals that what GameStop is offering: the 32 GB console with Nintendo Land and Super Mario 3D World. But for $300.

Other offers on Black Friday include a pretty good bundle from Best Buy and a Skylanders bundle from Toys R Us.

For the full lineup of offers, check out our Wii U Black Friday deals page. If you’re into other deals, be sure to check out the PS4 Black Friday deals and Android Black Friday deals pages as well.

Will you lining up on Black Friday (or Thanksgiving Thursday) for a deal? Even if you have a Wii U console, you can usually find great game discounts that aren’t advertised. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section!

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Reggie: “Mario Kart 8 doubled our Wii U business” http://wiiudaily.com/2014/11/reggie-mario-kart-8/ http://wiiudaily.com/2014/11/reggie-mario-kart-8/#comments Sat, 22 Nov 2014 19:00:04 +0000 http://wiiudaily.com/?p=32297

Over the past few weeks, Nintendo’s Reggie Fils-Aime has been playing the traveling salesman, going on a promotional tour throughout the US, giving interviews to various publications. Last week he spoke to the business gurus at The Wall Street Journal, and this week, we got a video of an interview he gave to their rivals, Forbes.

Reggie is doing the media rounds, raising awareness for Nintendo’s products for the crucial holiday shopping season, starting with Black Friday next week (be sure to check out our round up of Wii U Black Friday deals). In the Forbes interview (seen above), Reggie talks about how Nintendo is positioned for the upcoming holiday, and how the Wii U is differentiated from the PS4 and the Xbox One.

“The state at Nintendo is very strong, we got a lot of momentum right now going into Holiday season.” Reggie said, highlighting that there is great retail response for the 3DS and the current lineup of games, adding that even Nintendo were surprised at the demand for the new Pokemon offerings.

Reggie also touched on the “quality vs quantity” question. He was asked if he wished there were more games on the Wii U, to which he answered “yes”, but added that Nintendo “will always pick quality over quantity”.

He also commented on the success of Mario Kart 8, saying: “Our Wii U business has essentially doubled since we launched Mario Kart 8. The momentum continued with Hyrule Warriors and Bayonetta 2″. Reggie added, “We feel very good heading into the holiday season”.

There’s no denying that Mario Kart 8 has so far been the biggest hit on the Wii U this year — according to Nintendo themselves, 47% of all Wii U owners have purchased the game.

Last week Reggie talked about how the Wii U fits in the current marketplace, and a few weeks ago, he gave another interview where he wasn’t afraid to take a swing at the competition, asking: What’s the difference between the PS4 and Xbox One?

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Super Smash Squad #1 – Warming Up [60 FPS VIDEO] http://wiiudaily.com/2014/11/super-smash-squad-1-warming-up-60-fps-video/ http://wiiudaily.com/2014/11/super-smash-squad-1-warming-up-60-fps-video/#comments Sat, 22 Nov 2014 17:18:31 +0000 http://wiiudaily.com/?p=32292 Super Smash Bros. for Wii U is finally here. My friends and I attended our local midnight release for the game, and in the following video, attempt to play it. Skill levels are low and profanity levels are high. Smash is back.


What do you think of Super Smash Bros. for Wii U so far? Let us know in the comments.

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More new information about Splatoon has surfaced http://wiiudaily.com/2014/11/more-new-information-about-splatoon-has-surfaced/ http://wiiudaily.com/2014/11/more-new-information-about-splatoon-has-surfaced/#comments Fri, 21 Nov 2014 18:36:28 +0000 http://wiiudaily.com/?p=32287 WiiU_Splatoon_scrn01_E3

A new Japanese Twitter account dedicated to relaying information about Splatoon has been available for a few days now and the folks at the NeoGAF forums have been working diligently to translate these tweets to give us some more information about the game. There are a series of interesting tweets containing information we hadn’t known up until now, so hopefully this account will be the source of more information on the game in the future.


“Investigation report from the Squid Research Lab. This mysterious person (sorry, squid) guides the protagonist in Hero Mode. It seems that in the peaceful squid world he is the only man (sorry, squid) that has noticed the plans of the Octopus Corps. Anyway, he’s totally seeing our cameraman here.”

“We have confirmed the existence of various contraptions in Hero Mode. This cannon can shoot powerful ink bullets. Could it be something that the Octopus Corps set up, or was it someone else entirely? Be that as it may, it looks like a rather technologically advanced device.”

“Report from the Squid Research Lab. This guys name is “Denchinamazu” [Lit: Battery Catfish]. This world appears to run on the energy produced by this catfish. The protagonist enters the Octopus Army Corps base alone in order to return the stolen Denchinamazu.”

Does anyone else see Cranky Kong hiding underneath the design of that person.. err.. squid?

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Xenoblade Chronicles X development is nearly complete http://wiiudaily.com/2014/11/xenoblade-chronicles-x-development-is-nearly-complete/ http://wiiudaily.com/2014/11/xenoblade-chronicles-x-development-is-nearly-complete/#comments Fri, 21 Nov 2014 17:35:30 +0000 http://wiiudaily.com/?p=32284 xenoblade-chronicles-x

Things have been quiet in terms of news for the upcoming Xenoblade Chronicles X since E3, but recently the game’s director took to Twitter to let fans know that development of the game is nearly complete. According to Tetsuya Takahashi, there’s only a little bit more left to do before the game is complete.

The development [of Xenoblade Chronicles X] did have its twists and turns, but we were able to finish up (just a little more until it’s complete) Xenoblade Chronicles X in the sci-fi world we aimed for from the beginning in a seamless open-world with online play, and I feel that we were able to overcome several obstacles as far as game development goes.

With the vast world that was shown when Iwata-san introduced the game in the Nintendo Direct the other day, it would bring me great pleasure to have you folks get to thoroughly explore it.

While no release date has been mentioned for the title yet, perhaps we could see it as early as next year if development is nearing completion. Are you excited about exploring the open world of the new game?

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Loot Crate has sold out of its Amiibo boxes http://wiiudaily.com/2014/11/loot-crate-has-sold-out-of-its-amiibo-boxes/ http://wiiudaily.com/2014/11/loot-crate-has-sold-out-of-its-amiibo-boxes/#comments Fri, 21 Nov 2014 16:13:52 +0000 http://wiiudaily.com/?p=32282 nintendo-amiibo-lootcrate

A few weeks ago we told you about Nintendo teaming up with Loot Crate in order to offer a special edition box that contained at least one Amiibo. If you haven’t already signed up to receive that box from Loot Crate, you’re out of luck, as the company has announced that their Amiibo Loot Crate option is now completely sold out.

With the announcement Loot Crate did not say if Nintendo plans on sponsoring another event with them, but given how quickly these boxes went, it’s obvious there’s some demand for themed Loot Crate boxes. Did you get one of these before they managed to sell out?

http://wiiudaily.com/2014/11/loot-crate-has-sold-out-of-its-amiibo-boxes/feed/ 0 http://wiiudaily.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/nintendo-amiibo-lootcrate-200x120.jpg
Hyrule Warriors update coming November 27 http://wiiudaily.com/2014/11/hyrule-warriors-update-coming-november-27/ http://wiiudaily.com/2014/11/hyrule-warriors-update-coming-november-27/#comments Fri, 21 Nov 2014 15:20:55 +0000 http://wiiudaily.com/?p=32279 hyrule-warriors-logo

Hyrule Warriors will be receiving a big update next week on November 27, bringing several new features to the game. For those who are curious, this update will be available for everyone, not just those who decided to purchase the DLC. Here’s what we know about the upcoming update so far:

  • New level cap
  • Max materials amount raised
  • New potions
  • New medals
  • Amiibo support

No details on the Amiibo function for the game have been released yet, but we’ll keep an eye out and update you when we learn exactly what the Amiibo functions for Hyrule Warriors are.

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