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New Super Mario Bros U

New Super Mario Bros U is a game for the Wii U console that’s also one of the launch titles. New Super Mario Bros U is based on the New Super Mario Bros. franchise, with a mix of 2D and 3D graphics, and of course, interesting ways of utilizing the new Wii U tablet controller. New Super Mario Bros Wii U is set in the familiar Super Mario universe, and will have many other characters playable in addition to Mario. These playable characters include Luigi, Toad, Peach, Bowser, and others. The game will support co-op multiplayer, including asymmetric multiplayer where the person with the tablet controller either helps the others, or tries to prevent them from completing a mission.

New Super Mario Bros U features

new super mario bros u
New Super Mario Bros U will include 7 different game worlds, including Sparkling Waters, Layer Cake Desert, Acorn Plains, and Frosted Glacier. In total, there will be dozens of levels, and the game will feature a world man much like Super Mario World. Players will be able to walk from level to level, and even leave hints and tips to fellow players online via Miiverse.

Technically, the game will only support 720p resolution, it will run at 60 frames per second for a smooth gameplay experience. New Super Mario Bros U will also introduce a speed run mode, called Boost Mode, where the objective is to complete a level as fast as possible. The game also features the “Ice Flower” power-up, which was first seen a few years ago in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time. The power-up allows Mario to freeze enemies by throwing snowballs.

New Super Mario Bros U screenshots

Below you’ll find some New Super Mario Bros U screenshots, all of which are in HD quality.

New Super Mario Bros U videos