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Nintendo will discuss earnings for 2014 on May 7

Mar 18th - Nintendo's end of the year earnings meeting will happen on May 7, finally giving us a candid look at Wii U lifetime sales up until now.

DeNA CEO says his company has been courting Nintendo since 2010

Mar 17th - DeNA CEO Shintaro Asako says his company has been courting Nintendo since 2010 when it comes to the mobile gaming market.

Ralin – Dwarf Wars launches Kickstarter, coming to Wii U

Mar 17th - Ralin - Dwarf Wars has launched a Kickstarter to help fund the game, with an early alpha demo already available for testing.

Nintendo stock up 29% thanks to the mobile announcement

Mar 17th - Shortly after Nintendo's announcement of delving into mobile gaming, its stock rose 29% and is still climbing.

Nintendo’s first smartphone games to be released later this year

Mar 17th - Nintendo has confirmed it will release its first smartphone games at the end of this year.

Iwata says he never ruled out smartphone gaming, but he did oppose it

Mar 17th - Iwata was careful to state he's never ruled out smartphone gaming, but several statements made by him show he has opposed it for a very long time.

Nintendo’s next console is code-named “NX”

Mar 17th - Nintendo name dropped its next "dedicated game hardware" codename as NX during a press announcement of a mobile partnership with DeNA.

Nintendo is going to start making mobile games, mentions next console

Mar 17th - Nintendo has announced a new partnership with mobile firm DeNA to bring Nintendo titles to the smartphone market.

New Steamworld Heist gameplay from EGX Rezzed

Mar 16th - Image & Form showcased Steamworld Heist at EGX Rezzed over the weekend, giving us our first look at their new upcoming game.

Splatoon developers reveal another unique weapon

Mar 16th - The Japanese Splatoon Twitter account is continuing to reveal more weapons from the game, this time with a mortar-like weapon capable of destroying Inklings in one shot.

Warner Bros. working on a LEGO toys-to-life game [RUMOR]

Mar 16th - According to someone familiar with the project, Warner Bros. is working on a LEGO toys-to-life concept.

Playtonic’s Project Ukelele revealed, Kickstarter coming soon

Mar 16th - Playtonic Games shows off the first in-engine screenshots for their upcoming Project Ukelele, as well as discussing platforms and Kickstarter.

LEGO Jurassic World encompasses all four films, heading to Wii U

Mar 16th - Warner Bros. Interactive has confirmed LEGO Jurassic World spans all four movies and will be released alongside Jurassic World this June.

Nintendo: “We won’t follow in the same steps of games like Call of Duty”

Mar 15th - Nintendo says that they won't do annualized games like Call of Duty.

Nintendo’s baseball team posts $11 million profit

Mar 14th - In case you forgot, Nintendo owns a baseball team. And they're doing pretty good.

Video of 70+ Mario Party 10 mini games in action

Mar 14th - An hour-long new Mario Party 10 video shows off pretty much every mini game.

Nintendo banning Club Nintendo accounts that used an exploit

Mar 13th - Nintendo has closed an exploit that allowed easy coin generation on Club Nintendo and has begun deactivating accounts that abused the bug.