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Famitsu reveals handheld and console sales are at lowest point ever in Japan

Jan 6th - Famitsu reveals that sales in Japan for handheld and console games have reached the lowest point they've ever been.

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Jan 6th - The Wii U Daily app for Android just received a nice update, sporting Material Design and several new bug fixes.

Nintendo rep releases more details about amiibo

Jan 6th - A Nintendo representative took some time to answer questions about amiibo recently, shedding some light on upcoming plans.

Did any of our predictions for 2014 come true?

Jan 6th - Last year we made a set of ten predictions for Nintendo's future in 2014. How many of them came true?

Little Mac amiibo listed as discontinued by GameStop & Best Buy

Jan 6th - Both GameStop and Best Buy have delisted their Little Mac amiibos, meaning the amiibo is now discontinued.

Miyamoto says Star Fox could be playable at E3 this year

Jan 6th - Miyamoto confirms that Star Fox will be playable this year at E3.

Analyst says Nintendo is great at capturing fans, has less impact on casual gamers

Jan 5th - An analyst says Nintendo is doing well to appeal to hardcore Nintendo fans, but children and other casual gamers have little reason to check out its offerings.

New McDonald’s commercial features Mario & Bowser

Jan 5th - McDonald's newest commercial pits old archenemies against one another with surprising results.

Platinum Games shares New Years message and thanks fans for Bayonetta 2 support

Jan 5th - Platinum Games' CEO sends a special message to those who supported them by purchasing Bayonetta 2.

Fan-created Waluigi amiibo sold on eBay for $199

Jan 5th - This custom Waluigi amiibo has been modified from the Luigi amiibo base so you can set up the Waluigi costume option on Luigi.

Zelda Ocarina of Time completed in 18 minutes

Jan 4th - Someone has beaten Ocarina Of Time is just 18 minutes, setting a new record.

Possible three-armed Princess Peach Amiibo spotted

Jan 3rd - Could this be the weirdest Amiibo defect yet?

Sakurai details how The Villager and Wii Fit Trainer were chosen

Jan 2nd - Sakurai spills the beans on why The Villager and Wii Fit Trainer made the cut for this Super Smash Bros. game.

Rumor: Duck Hunt Dog amiibo information found in Super Smash Bros.

Jan 2nd - One enterprising Super Smash Bros. player may have discovered hints about a Duck Hunt Dog amiibo.

Digital Deluxe program has ended, but you have until March 31 to claim vouchers

Jan 2nd - With the Digital Deluxe program having ended, Nintendo will keep the site open until April for customers to redeem vouchers.

Keiji Inafune says Mighty No. 9 is almost finished

Jan 2nd - Keiji Inafune has confirmed that Mighty No. 9 is almost upon us as his team prepares promotional materials for the game.

Happy New Year from Wii U Daily!

Jan 1st - Happy New Year from all of us here at Wii U Daily! We look forward to covering everything Nintendo related in 2015!