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Saints Row creative director was working on an open-world Wii U game that got cancelled

Feb 25th - According to a recent tweet, the former creative director for Saints Row was working on an open world Wii U game with Nintendo that was cancelled before production.

Japanese Mario Party 10 gives us a closer look at Bowser mode

Feb 25th - This new Japanese trailer gives us a better look at Bowser mode for Mario Party 10, as well as amiibo party mode.

Ralin-Dwarf Wars will come to the Wii U eShop

Feb 25th - Developer Ogardonix has announced Ralin-Dwarf Wars will be released on Wii U.

Disney working on an unannounced Wii U game

Feb 24th - 3D artist Cari Mayle has shared artwork from an unannounced Wii U game, showcasing a very distinctive style.

Nintendo’s QOL project has its own department that reports directly to Iwata

Feb 24th - According to president Satoru Iwata, the QOL platform team is a completely separate division he created and operates independently of Nintendo's current hardware division.

Iwata acknowledges that Nintendo doesn’t market its software well

Feb 24th - Iwata says Nintendo must do a much better job of marketing their quality software to consumers, instead of releasing products with little to no marketing involved.

Iwata says Nintendo must do a better job of marketing amiibo

Feb 24th - Iwata says Nintendo still has a lot of ground to cover in making sure consumers know amiibo are different from other toys-to-life products.

Liege gets new trailer just in time for PAX East

Feb 23rd - Coda Games have released a new trailer providing a look at their tactical JRPG, Liege.

Rodea the Sky Soldier preorder shows up with July 28 release date

Feb 23rd - Rodea and the Sky Soldier is now available for pre-order on Amazon with an oddly specific "placeholder" date. Is July 28 the official release date?

West Coast port strike ending soon, will we see more Nintendo supply?

Feb 23rd - The West Coast port strike is coming to an end, so supply for Nintendo products should rebound soon.

Devil’s Third director says to use the Wii U Pro controller with his game

Feb 23rd - Devil's Third director Tomonobu Itagaki says the Wii U Pro controller is the best way to play his upcoming game.

This awesome go-kart trick needs to be in the next Mario Kart game

Feb 22nd - Nintendo should take inspiration from this and add it to Mario Kart.

Analyst: Wii U will sell below 20 million by 2019

Feb 22nd - The Wii U won't sell over 20 million units in its lifetime, according to (some) analysts.

Mario Party series has sold almost 40 million copies

Feb 21st - The longest running party game in history has raked in millions of sales.

Michael Pachter says he has “no clue” why Nintendo products sell out

Feb 20th - Several analysts were asked their opinion on Nintendo's sold out products problem. Pachter said he has "no clue" why Nintendo products sell out.

Best Buy offering $5 off a 3DS/Wii U game for lack of Meta Knight amiibo

Feb 20th - Best Buy is offering $5 coupons off any 3DS/Wii U game for people who want a Meta Knight amiibo but stock is unavailable.

Nintendo UK store is cancelling amiibo pre-orders

Feb 20th - Nintendo UK store is having to cancel certain amiibo pre-orders due to no stock. Check your emails if you have any pre-orders with them.