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Best Buy knocks 10% off Nintendo eShop cards

Feb 8th - Save $10 on all eShop cards at Best Buy today.

Top 20 Black Video Game Characters (Part 1) [VIDEO]

Feb 7th - To celebrate Black History Month, let's talk about some of the greatest black characters in video game history.

Netflix is working on a live-action Legend of Zelda series

Feb 6th - According to a new report from The Wall Street Journal, Netflix is working on a live-action Legend of Zelda series.

Nintendo wins Fighting & Racing Game of the Year from DICE Awards

Feb 6th - The 18th annual DICE awards were held last night and Nintendo claimed three of the available awards.

Check out this Xenoblade Wii U bundle Japan is getting

Feb 6th - Japan is getting a special edition Xenoblade Chronicles X bundle that comes with a map and a unique artbook for the game.

First online play details for Xenoblade Chronicles X revealed

Feb 6th - Japan's presentation for Xenoblade Chronicles X is over, but we learned two new details about the online multiplayer for the game.

Nintendo Deals & Downloads: Monster Hunter 4 demo, pre-load Kirby & the Rainbow Curse

Feb 5th - The Monster Hunter 4 demo is now available to everyone, you can pre-load Kirby and the Rainbow Curse, and new Hyrule Warriors DLC has launched!

Weirdness: Two men ransack a Cambridge music shop dressed in stolen Mario & Luigi costumes

Feb 5th - Two men entered a music shop dressed as Mario & Luigi and began causing a scene, forcing Cambridge police to get involved.

More information about Splatoon leaks from new Famitsu

Feb 5th - New information has surfaced about Splatoon after the new issue of Famitsu has been translated.

GameStop now accepting pre-orders for Super Mario amiibos

Feb 5th - GameStop has opened pre-orders for the Super Mario amiibo collection, but Toad is already unavailable.

Nintendo’s YouTube program will not accept channels with other publisher’s games

Feb 5th - The Nintendo Creator's Program says YouTube channels featuring mixed content is not allowed and you have two weeks to delete non-approved videos.

Silver & Gold Mario amiibos on their way.. Club Nintendo related?

Feb 4th - A certificate showing silver and gold standard Mario amiibos has surfaced. Could these be the final Club Nintendo reward for gold and platinum members?

TeeFury has two great Zelda-themed shirts for today only!

Feb 4th - TeeFury has two great Zelda-themed shirts up for today only, so you have until midnight EST to pick one!

T-Rex stars in this LEGO Jurassic World teaser [VIDEO]

Feb 4th - Warner Bros. is teasing LEGO Jurassic World with an iconic scene from the original Jurassic Park. Check it out!

Teslagrad patch with screenshot functionality awaiting approval for US eShop

Feb 4th - Teslagrad has a patch now live in Europe and awaiting approval in the US that adds screenshot support and new control methods to the game.

Japanese sales: Wii U continues to hover at 6k sold

Feb 4th - The Wii U continues to hover at 6k sold this week in Japan, but there are no new releases on the horizon.

Nintendo of America is soliciting feedback on their social media presence

Feb 3rd - Nintendo of America is seeking to improve their performance on social media by tailoring content to fans.